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Monday, February 27, 2006

Exercised first thing this morning

Tim's schedule changes on a weekly basis now -- one week is early, one week is mid-morning, the next is night shift, and then it repeats. So, now that he's out very early this week I'm exercising mostly in the morning. It's just easier to do it when he's not here, as that way he doesn't feel like he has no access to the livingroom or kitchen for 30-60minutes. This morning I did the first Kathy Voight workout ever for me, and I really liked it. She's easy to follow, which is very important to me. I did her 30-minute cardio workout that also focuses on the lower body, and this evening I'll do one of my Pilates workouts (10 minutes) either from my DVD or from the On Demand feature on cable -- love that feature!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eat-a-thon this weekend

For some reason this weekend, I've been eating like there's not tomorrow. I'm still only eating about 2,000 calories, which I guess is about normal for people not trying to lose weight. I'm supposed to not go over 1500 calories. Oh well, I've been eating healthy stuff so I'm not going to let it bother me too much.

I also got back on the exercise wagon today after a few days off. I was feeling really tired today and thought it would help, and it really did. Now I know not to really take more than 2 days off at once or I get lethargic. That doesn't mean I need to workout like crazy all the time, but at least some Pilates or something.

Today I did the Crunch Dance Party and Firm Abs Sculpt. I have to admit that I didn't think I'd like the Dance Party as I'm not a big dance person, but I really liked it. I did the salsa and funk dances but didn't do the retro dance. I really like the instructor and will see if I can find more DVDs that she's done. The Abs Sculpt was good, and different from the Tamilee Webb stuff. However, I think I like the Tamilee Webb exercises better.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Interesting last few days

Well, after getting my second shield by walkin 4 miles on Wednesday, I haven't exercised since lol. I'm going to start back up tomorrow. I'm actually learning that I don't have to give up if I have a week that my calories and exercise isn't perfect. Again, another "duh" moment.

So, Thursday I bought my next motivation outfit for when I lose the next 10-15 pounds, depending on how and where it falls off. I actually bought something in the misses section instead of the women's section - first time in about 4 years. I bought a pretty black pantsuit with mauve pinstripes at Burlington Coat Factory -- washable and only $20! The pants are a little snug right now but could be used in a pinch, but the top is too small to wear at the moment. It will fit in a few months, though.

I got a surprise email from my sister, who has extra air miles and is flying me out to see her over Easter weekend for about 4-5 days. I'm soooo looking forward to that! I haven't been out to San Francisco for a few years. I get annoyed at Tim because he shakes his head at me and gets mad because he says I'm taking advantage of her. Well, she's the one who contacted ME about it! I've sent her checks in the past to offset similar trips that are also HER ideas, and she won't cash them. I think it's hard for him to understand that there are people out there who actually like me enough to want to see me once in a while and know I can't afford an expensive plane ticket every time I turn around. She also knows that I'd do the same for her if we were in reverse situations and I was making about 4 times what she made. Man, I'd have her out here as much as possible, in that case.

Speaking of money, I got a fantastic email from someone who interviewed me for a job back in either late summer or early fall. Long story short, the person who went on maternity leave decided she wanted to stay home longer with her baby, so they are looking for someone to take her place. This was the job for which I interviewed twice and I suspected they went with someone with more nonprofit experience, and I found out I was right. She was really impressed with me so she thought to contact me first for the job. It's more pay, better benefits, gives me the responsibilities I've been craving and is a non-profit organization that helps people find work. There's a lot more to the organization than that, but that's the basic idea. The company has been around for about 60 years, so it's stable. It's in Philadelphia so I'll have to take the train in, but I'm spending so much money on gas right now that it won't be any more money and will take about the same amount of time.

So, if I get an offer from them after meeting with the staff soon, I'll either move on to that job or my current employer will have to start paying me what I'm worth and giving me the responsibilities I should have. I like the people where I work, but I don't know when I'll ever move up there, if ever, as I was told it completely depends on growth. Of course, I have the feeling that if I stopped doing a lot of the things I've started doing, that would also be a problem. I always thought being proactive is supposed to be a good thing, but so often it seems that I get punished for asking questions and having ideas.

Anyway, we'll see what happens. All in all, it's been in interesting week :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Quick update

I'll write more later, but I wanted to post my excitement over now having two shields on the Eowyn Challenge website. Woohoo -- that's the equivalent of 50 miles!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Long day

This morning was one of our morning firm meetings that lasts from 8AM-12Noon and I show up at 7AM to set up the computer and all that good stuff. Then I'm the one who pushes the button for the next four hours on the computer to forward the various presentations. It doesn't sound difficult, but it does tire me out. I think it's because I'm up front, and because I'm running the presentation I need to be paying attention the whole time and can't zone out like the people in the back can :)

Yesterday and today were both very long days at work, so my workouts were short -- but they were there: did the WATP 2-mile yesterday and two 10-minute Pilates sessions. As long as I get in at least 20 minutes I'm OK and can put a little star on the calendar for the day. My eating has been a little out of whack the last few days so my weight will probably be the same tomorrow as it was last week, which is fine. I tend to lose a little one week, if anything, then drop a little more the following week.

So, I've been hearing about people suing Apple for losing their hearing because of the Ipod. Get a grip, people! I don't have one of these so if I'm wrong, please correct me, but maybe the reason people are losing their hearing is because they are listening to the thing too damn loud, like a lot of people did with headphones. Now, if the only headphones people can get with these things are the kind with the little buds that fit in the ear, I think that's a problem. I think those headphones are bad because they are so close to your eardrum. That's the point, I know, but I don't think they're great. In the end, though, it's up to the person listening to the music to be, oh, RESPONSIBLE! There was a guy on the elevator the other day listening to something and it was ridiculously loud. After he got off the elevator, the rest of us commented on how the guy was probably half deaf from that. I love my loud music, but I don't want to ruin my hearing and I don't listen to it cranked up in my apartment at all hours... but that's a rant for another time.

I bought a few brand new clothing items on Ebay and expect to get them in next week These are sized so that I may be able to wear them now but should definitely be able to after losing my next 10 pounds. One is a simple pair of black pants. Then there's the Ralph Lauren dark tropical print pants that I'd NEVER buy retail but I got for $25, including shipping. I also bought a cute out fit of a pair of bootcut white pants and a burgundy spaghetti strap tank top for spring/summer. I'm looking forward to wearing that this summer. My arms won't be perfect but they will be more toned than now. My arms never were really that bad -- no "bye-bye arms."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

clothes shopping... in my closet

I went through all the clothes in my closet and dresser to figure out what to keep, what to give away, what to toss and what to put aside for future weight loss. I didn't realize how much stuff I have that I can't fit into at the moment but will be able to once I lose another 10 pounds! I also found some itmes I couldn't wear a month or so ago but can wear now. I have a few things I'm giving away because they are too big, or I just don't wear them. My main "problem" now is that my pants are very baggy in the legs but fit my waist. I always lose weight in my legs first, so the ones that fit my legs are still tight in the waist, although I have trimmed that a little, too.

Today I took it relatively easy -- 1-mile WATP (15min), a Tamilee Webb ab workout (15min), and a Pilates workout (10min). I was actually feeling a little antsy today and realized, a little late in the evening, that it was because I didn't exercise today. I rested yesterday, and I needed to, but now it seems that if I go more than a day without exercising I feel the need to. This is a good thing, as is my pants "problem."

Thanks for the comments about my new outfit. That picture is not very flattering, but I'm sticking with "the camera adds 10 pounds" defense :) I suppose I can fix the pants problem by wearing more skirts. We'll see -- I'm not a fan of wearing skirts in cold weather and I always have to wear hose because my legs are so white.

Friday, February 17, 2006

great workout, goofy weather

I did The Firm: Supercharged Sculpting and a Pilates workout today, and remembered why I like The Firm workouts so much. They aren't easy but I definitely see and feel the results! I'm already seeing definition in my shoulders. It helps when you have football player's shoulders and can handle a lot of weight. I guess that makes up for my week knees, as I have to be careful when doing squats and lunges.

It was funny last night -- I was half asleep and I scratched my shoulder and was then wide awake thinking, "Oh my God. I can actually feel the muscle there at the top of my shoulder!" It's been a long time, folks :)

The weather this week has been so darn goofy. All that snow we got last weekend has melted away for the most part, except for those little bits you get from drifts and plow piles. This morning it was pretty warm but rainy, and when I left work it was downright cold and windy. During the week we had a few days in the 50s. Crazy stuff.

I'm going to brainstorm this weekend about starting a type of "wellness club" at work. I can't remember how many people I've told about SparkPeople.com, but many seem to really be into it, either by me telling them or them noticing that I look different and asking what I'm doing. It's great to be able to point them to a place that is free! I talked to my friend Heidi (of BelicaBag fame), who is our recruiter, and sometime next month we're going to get together and see what we can come up with. I'm quite sure that we won't be able to spend any company money, so it's going to have to be a lot of recipe-sharing, tip-sharing, etc. If we get something going well she can use it as an added benefit in recruiting people to our firm. I think I could set up an EZ-Board (approved membership) where we could all go instead of relying on emails. That way the information is always there... well, unless they crash again. That's why I'll back it up every so often.

So, if I do that it will keep me motivated. If I'm going to be running the thing I want to be sure I'm setting a good example. My current mini-goal is to lose 15 pounds by Easter. That's a tall order, and I'm not sure if it's realistic, but we'll see. I'm not going to freak if I don't make it, but I'm pretty sure I can lose at least 10 by then. My mid-goal is to lose 25 pounds (from now) by June 1, which I think is realistic. Harris is providing the staff with a limo ride to King of Prussia Mall on March 15 and is paying for lunch and giving us spending money, so it would be nice to use that money to buy smaller clothes for myself :)

I have to add that this would be much more difficult if Tim wasn't supporting it. I end up in the livingroom almost every night from 20 minutes to an hour exercising. I told him that if he needed anything in the kitchen he could get it, just don't laugh. He knows that I'm self-conscious and does his best to not bother me until I tell him I'm done. That's very important and I have some friends who are not so lucky. He likes that I'm doing this the healthy way and he's noticing the difference in the way I look and feel about myself.


Thanks to everybody who has been posting support for my weight-loss and continuing work on the matter. I know my posts lately have pretty much all been about that topic, and I know it can get boring.

Don't worry about me over-exercising. I'm only doing an hour for 3 days a week and about 20 minutes the other 3 days so that I don't overdo it. I just am not using the incline part of the step anymore, as that seems to be what aggravates my calf. Yesterday I did the 4-mile WATP and it was fine. It's just that incline movement that seems to bother it, so if I can avoid that for a while I think it will be normal again.

I'm drinking a nice glass of tomato juice this morning before going to work. Am I the only one who likes straight tomato juice? I can't stand V8. Tim was watching me drink it the other day and he couldn't believe it. He said, "I like tomato juice mixed with other things, but drinking it straight is like drinking Jack Daniels straight." LOL, well, he used to do that, so I don't know what the difference is :) I get the kind that is low in sodium so that I'm not getting a ton of salt that tastes like tomatoes.

So, here are my recent pictures. They aren't great as I just don't take pictures well and I wasn't ready for one of these so I look grumpy. If I'm not actively smiling I tend to have a grumpy look on my face, especially if I'm thinking. I hate that fact, but it's just the way my face is. You probably can't see much of a difference but in real life we can. The picture of me in the black dress is from our awards banquet a few weeks ago when I was down about 5 pounds. The one of me in my "10 pounds gone" outfit are, of course, when I was down 10 pounds. Most of my weight has been lost in my legs, but I must have lost some in my tummy because that top was too tight when I bought it last month and now it fits perfectly. It's a horrible picture of me, and I'm having a bad hair day, but it's a picture. The picture must have been taken at a weird angle, because the bottom of my skirt looks skewed and I know it wasn't.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

All I did was walk up a ramp!

On the way out of the building at work I walked up a little ramp and somehow irritated my calf muscle again. ARGH! So, I was ticked off and when I came home I ate the rest of the pizza and too many Hershey Kisses. I'm going to enter it into my food for yesterday and the chips will land where they will.

I'm feeling better today, both in spirit and my leg. I found out that some other people had the same problem when using the incline during the Firm Transfirmer videos, and they put the smaller step in front on the floor, instead of on the incline. I'm going to try that next time I do those workouts. I'm not going to stop doing them as they really make a difference, but that's a good modification for me. I'm still doing walking and strength tapes, but yesterday I was just ticked.

On a good note, today I'm wearing my "10 pounds gone" outfit I bought myself a month or so ago at Burlington Coat Factory. I bought it there so that it would cost me a lot and is a pretty Sag Harbor flouncy springy skirt with green/blue paisleys and purple flowers. It sound strange, but is very pretty. I bought two light blouses to go with it, a size smaller than what I had been wearing, one in blue and one in lavender. I'm going to see if I can snag the digital camera at work and get Donna to take my picture so that I can keep track of this stuff. I have that picture that started it all, and also a picture from the awards banquet a few weeks ago.

So, another part of the reward is to go out and buy the next "10 pounds gone" outfit :) I debated with myself about doing this every 10 pounds, but if I stick with Burlington Coat Factory it will be pretty inexpensive. I think this skirt cost me $10 and the blouses $7 each. Now I just need to find some pretty blue or lavender shoes at Payless to go with the outfit, but with all the snow and mud on the ground I would have worn my black ones today anyway.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reached another small milestone today

I updated my Eowyn Challenge miles today, as the last date I'd entered was February 5. I now have my first sheild, which equals 25 miles walked/20 minutes exercised! I'm actually up to a little over 33 miles, but I'm just thrilled to see that shield there :)
After I got home today I did some Pilates. I really like those on my "easy" days when I plan to exercise between 20 and 40 minutes. Today I did a cardio pilates workout, then an abs workout. I also got in a few Firm workouts I'd bought from a message board poster and am going to start incorporating them and another Firm workout I bought last week. The other one is the Boot Camp and it looks tough -- definitely for my more intesne workout days.
On the down side, I just didn't feel like cooking and ordered pizza. Now, the pizza is one of those upside-down pizzas with tomato sauce on top and cheese on the bottom and nothing else, so it wasn't overly fattening, but still not great. I only went over my limit by 20 calories today, so I'm OK with that. We had cookies and cake at work and I had a little of each, so 20 calories over for Valentine's Day is pretty good -- and I got some exercise in.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Darn it, leg still not right

I started off doing the Aerobic Body Shaping but my calf muscle is still not liking the step. Sooo, I did about 15 minutes of that, realized there's still a problem, then did the WATP 2-mile. After that I tried the strength workout I had planned from On Demand, but I didn't like it so tried a Pilates workout I hadn't tried yet, therefore getting in my hour for the day. Too bad the Pilates workout goes away after tomorrow, because it was different than the other Pilates I'd done. It focused a lot on balance, and my balance isn't what it used to be and I really liked working on it. I'll see if I can remember the routine or find it somewhere. I'm also going to start renting some from Netflix to see what I like there.

In other news, I didn't get the job for which I interviewed last Thursday. I'm not that surprised, as I felt I was off my game at the interview due to the headache and too much medicine I took to try to take the edge off. Oh well, Horsham is a long ways to drive and I may have been in for the same frustrations there as I already have -- mainly no control over my own job. It's hard to have two jobs where you are on autopilot and are trusted to do what you are supposed to and be trusted with responsibility, to one where it's given then taken away. I don't think they think that's what they are doing, but it's how I feel. They are good people, and for the most part I like it there, but I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Ah, I've moaned about that enough here before.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Leg is better

I decided to make yesterday my rest day and today I did the Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) 2-mile and got through it fine. It's still a little stiff, but since I got through the walk OK and stretched it some more I should be OK to get back into my routine tomorrow.

I don't think I mentioned a few movies I've seen recently. I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and thought it was great! It's another one of those children's books that I didn't read as a kid because I was too busy reading Stephen King, so I'm planning on reading it sometime soon. I thought the animation was beautiful. There's something about a beaver in chain mail that cracks me up, though.

I also saw The Matador recently and was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be funny, and it definitely was, but there were other aspects in the movie that were a bit more serious, even moving. There were a few twists in there that made you think you knew what happened, but you don't. I don't want to say too much and give anything away, but it's a great movie. Pierce Brosnan is so different in this as an aging hitman. For once he's not all suave and classy like he was in Remington Steele and the James Bond movies.

I stitched a bit on Guardian Angel this weekend, but that's about it. I wasn't in a mood for stitching for some reason this weekend. Too bad, as it was the perfect weekend for it -- we got about 18 inches of snow! Of course, it came during the week so it won't give us a snow day tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure 2-lane City Avenue is going to be 1.5-lane all the way to work and it will probably take me about 90minutes or more to get to work. I'm debating if I should catch the bus, which usually takes me an hour due to a transfer at 69th Street. However, the bus follows much of the same road, so then I'll be stuck on an overloaded bus with others who had the same idea as me, and it will still take forever. Hmmmmm... decisions, decisions...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another step to a healthier lifestyle

First of all, thanks so much for all the comments on my stitching and my weight loss! It means a lot to me that my friends support me :)

Well, I've started an exercise calendar. It's more for my own planning -- if I know what I'm doing ahead of time I'm more likely to do it -- but feel free to look at it. I'm adding my comments in blue so that I can go back and see if I'm sticking to my plan. By the way, the calendar is free. We use this site at work. It sometimes is difficult and you get the "page cannot be displayed" page, but after a little refreshing it's fine, and it doesn't happen all the time -- and it's FREE. You can set it up so that others can view but only you can administer and edit it. That way I don't have weirdos adding strange things to my calendar.

I've created it for only the next few weeks as I have some more videos coming my way from Ebay and Deep Discount DVD. I checked out some reviews from the Collage Video catalog and the Firm YaYas board and then was able to find them much cheaper (and with free but not fast shipping) at Deep Discount.

Ironically, the first day I planned for was yesterday, and I ended up feeling awful and didn't workout. I had a job interview so had already taken the day off, but I took 8 Motrin and then a Goody's Headache Powder throughout the morning so that I could take the edge off and go to the interview. I did OK in the interview, but it wasn't my best performance. Oh well, at least I went, and I wasn't about to tell them my head felt like it was going to explode -- not exactly the way to make a good first impression. I went home and went to bed.

Today I still didn't feel well so begged off from work. I slept most of the day and finally started feeling better about 2PM and thought I should try to do some exercise if I could, so I started out with the Transfirmer Cardio Blast DVD. Partway through I got a charlie horse, so I ended up doing some Pilates instead. Nothing huge, but figured I did something, at least. My leg still is bothering me and I've been stretching it and trying to walk it off. I hope if feels better tomorrow.

I'm working on getting some more health/exercise links into my sidebar, but whenever I try it does that trick where my sidebar ends up at the bottom of the page. So, I'm going to leave that alone for now and add them when it's working properly, or when I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've almost reached my first mini-goal

I was going to post earlier, but wanted to wait a few days. I just feel weird posting something that puts Laura's post farther down the page. One of the lovely ladies on the boards made a pretty memorial picture of Laura, so maybe I'll go get it and put it in my sidebar. I'm still pretty shocked over the whole thing.

Anyway, back to my changing lifestyle: I'm down 9 pounds! They're "good" pounds, too -- I've been exercising almost every day. Those FIRM videos really are great, and I've been doing Pilates three times a week from the On Demand feature on my cable. I've also been doing some other workouts while waiting for some video/DVDs to come in from Ebay and Overstock.com. Three days a week I exercise for an hour, three days for at least 20 minutes, and the 7th day I rest or will take a little walk in the neighborhood or do the 1-mile Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) video. I have made my exercise schedule for February so that I'm more likely to stick to my program. I figure I can switch days around if I need to, but the workouts I have planned stay together and I still need to do at least 3 days of 60-minute workouts. I'm surprised I like these videos as much as I do, and I can tell they really work. I need to start taking my measurements, as I've already lost quite a bit in my legs and a little in my stomach.

My first mini-goal was losting 10 pounds by Valentine's Day, so as long as I lose one pound this week I'll hit it. I'm pretty sure I can do that :)

I've also been busy stitching. Since this is Finish It February, I finished (finally)Christmas Flourishes over the past weekend. I'd finished the stitches months ago, but finally did the beading this weekend. The beading too less time than I thought it would. That is odd, as usually I completely underestimate beading time. Now I need to get her framed and on the wall next to Christmas Elegance. I don't think they were meant as a pair, but I stitched them both on the same fabric and will get them framed the same way and make them into an artificial pair. Christmas or not, they will both stay up year-round -- too much time has been put into them to only display them for a month.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Shocked and saddened

I just don't know what to say. I was reading the blogs over the weekend, and when I read Laura Leigh's blog I was in complete shock. She was so young, and such a lovely lady. I regret that I was never able to meet her in person, she being way up in Canada. I always thought there'd be time -- we'd maybe meet at Hershey CATS sometime, or when Tim and I got our butts up to Canada maybe I'd meet up with her then. Now, I won't have the chance.

I'm surprised by how much her passing has upset me. I had a little cry this morning after I woke up and remembered. I never met her in person, so I feel silly. She's been on the boards since before I got there, so I've seen her posting for years. We've exchanged emails and Christmas cards, and every so often I would take a look at her pictures. I remember her beautiful wedding pictures, and that picture of her trying to stitch with the cat on her lap. I recently bought that peacock charm set for Misty Morning Vineyard from her, and after that piece is framed an on my wall I will definitely think of her every time I see it.

My condolences to those of you who knew her better than I. I imagine your pain is great, as she was a gentle and caring person, and this has come as such a shock to so many. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and her family.

I'm just very sad about this. We lost a good one.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Stitching update and other blathering

I FINALLY got some stitching scanned in. Since this is Finish It February, my finishing goals are to finish Guardian Angel and Christmas Flourishes. Christmas Flourishes only needs the beading, and I started it last night. Guardian Angel is below and I don't have much left to do on her, but I always think I have less than I really do when I get close to the end. I think I can make my goal, but for a while my stitching goals need to come second to my health and fitness goals. Sooooo, after I get in my exercise and meal plans and and make my meals, THEN I can do whatever I want :)

So, here's my Guardian Angel:

Image hosting by Photobucket

My other stitching news is my first scan of Chatelaine's Misty Morning Vineyard. I'm calling mine Stormy Morning Vineyard, as my fabric is a bit darker and it gives that look of bright colors against a stormy sky. I know it's not nearly as poetic a name, but for me it's accurate. Growing up in Upstate NY my parents owned vineyards and many times when we were out with the harvester, trying to make deadlines at the wineries, it would be overcast or simply raining the way it does in late September through very early November. I also put a scan to the side, although it looks strange at that size. I'm still waiting for a few silks that were backordered, so I haven't been able to finish the cool urn in the corner. Those holes in the urn will have some neat specialty stitches in them when I get the rest of my silks.

Image hosting by Photobucket

On to other blathering (I warned you).

I'm really feeling great about what I'm doing healthwise. I wore one of my mock turtlenecks today and my coworkers really noticed that I lost weight. I can't believe that just 6 pounds has made a difference. Came home today and did my Firm Cardio Blast DVD, then a short Pilates segment so that I got in an hour today. Right now I'm getting in an hour 3-4 days a week, at least 20 minutes of something on other days, even if it's just 2 10-minute walks. I notice I've been sleeping better, too.

Now, I just need to keep doing it for many months and then maintain it when I get to my goal weight. Yeesh. I'm trying not to think that way, and instead focus on that 10-pound goal -- get down a total of 10 pounds by Valentine's Day. I have a 1.5 weeks left and to meet that goal need to lose 4 more pounds (as of this past Wednesday). I think I can do it, but even if I don't I know I'm going in the right direction.

The most important thing is that I'm not depriving myself, not saying that I'm not allowed to eat anything. I still eat what I want, but I'm paying attention and only eating certain things every other day or week or so. I know, to people who have never dealt with a weight problem that is a "duh" thing, and I've recently heard all about how simple losing weight is. I've noticed a lot of people who have never dealt with it always say how simple it is -- just eat less (or better) and exercise. Yeah, we know that. It's changing the lifestyle that's difficult, especially when you have emotional connections to food and are addicted to it. I rarely hear people tell smokers that all they have to do is just stop smoking and they'll be fine. I'm no smoker, but there's no way in HELL I'd tella smoker how they should stop. I have no clue, and I hear it's very difficult. All you can do is be supportive of their cranky moods when they quit and in other ways, but you can't do it for them.

Eh, enough rambling. I think people who do that do care about the people they are trying to help, but it's like skinny people who say, "Oh, you'd be so pretty if you lost weight." They mean for it to be encouraging, but instead it makes you feel like crap about yourself and you get emotional and eat more. You can't change bad habits until you are ready to make the change, not because somebody else is telling you to.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cool -- down 6 pounds for January!

I really seem to be making progress this time! I weighed myself in today and lost 6 pounds last month. My goal is to lost 10 pounds (the first 10, anyway) by February 14. I may or may not lost 4 pounds in the next two weeks, as that's a lot for me and I'm not going to go into some sort of starvation mode to do it and goof myself up when what I've been doing so far is working pretty well and giving me a slow and steady loss. Eventually, of course, I'm going to have to up the exercise and eat less calories in order to keep losing, but that's fine.

For some reason, it seems easier this time around - not easy, but easier than other times. Other times I've tried losing weight I'd quickly get discouraged if I had a "bad" day or two when I went over and just give up. This time, I've had a few days where I went over my calories, like Monday, but I just track it and move on -- and I still lost a pound. I think that's the big lesson right now, that I don't have to be perfect every minute of every day to lose weight. Granted, I'm sure I'll hit some plateaus later and will have to deal with them, but things are going well now.

(Is "plateaux" the plural of "plateau?")

Not really much else to say, just happy about my weight loss :)