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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Long day

This morning was one of our morning firm meetings that lasts from 8AM-12Noon and I show up at 7AM to set up the computer and all that good stuff. Then I'm the one who pushes the button for the next four hours on the computer to forward the various presentations. It doesn't sound difficult, but it does tire me out. I think it's because I'm up front, and because I'm running the presentation I need to be paying attention the whole time and can't zone out like the people in the back can :)

Yesterday and today were both very long days at work, so my workouts were short -- but they were there: did the WATP 2-mile yesterday and two 10-minute Pilates sessions. As long as I get in at least 20 minutes I'm OK and can put a little star on the calendar for the day. My eating has been a little out of whack the last few days so my weight will probably be the same tomorrow as it was last week, which is fine. I tend to lose a little one week, if anything, then drop a little more the following week.

So, I've been hearing about people suing Apple for losing their hearing because of the Ipod. Get a grip, people! I don't have one of these so if I'm wrong, please correct me, but maybe the reason people are losing their hearing is because they are listening to the thing too damn loud, like a lot of people did with headphones. Now, if the only headphones people can get with these things are the kind with the little buds that fit in the ear, I think that's a problem. I think those headphones are bad because they are so close to your eardrum. That's the point, I know, but I don't think they're great. In the end, though, it's up to the person listening to the music to be, oh, RESPONSIBLE! There was a guy on the elevator the other day listening to something and it was ridiculously loud. After he got off the elevator, the rest of us commented on how the guy was probably half deaf from that. I love my loud music, but I don't want to ruin my hearing and I don't listen to it cranked up in my apartment at all hours... but that's a rant for another time.

I bought a few brand new clothing items on Ebay and expect to get them in next week These are sized so that I may be able to wear them now but should definitely be able to after losing my next 10 pounds. One is a simple pair of black pants. Then there's the Ralph Lauren dark tropical print pants that I'd NEVER buy retail but I got for $25, including shipping. I also bought a cute out fit of a pair of bootcut white pants and a burgundy spaghetti strap tank top for spring/summer. I'm looking forward to wearing that this summer. My arms won't be perfect but they will be more toned than now. My arms never were really that bad -- no "bye-bye arms."


  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger Jill in CA said…

    People are morons. I have an ipod shuffle that I use at the gym. I keep the volume pretty low and don't listen to it for more than 30-60 minutes TOPS per day (more like a couple times a week). I guess there are people out there that blare theirs at a high volume for extended periods of time. Of course it's going to affect their hearing!

    It sounds like you got a good deal on the new clothes I hope they fit perfectly (or are even too big!) real soon. :)


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