Mindy Memories

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yeesh! Why is everything such a big deal to some people?

Saw this article posted on a message board I visit. It's about a woman getting a negative reaction from some parents because she was born with one hand instead of two and is on a children's program.

How do you explain a missing hand to a child?

Once again, I should clarify that I have no children and to some that means I'm not allowed an opinion. Too bad. :) I remember meeting people who dealt with various disabilities as a kid and I'm hardly scarred by it. We knew people with missing fingers, a missing arm, etc. One of my father's cousins has Down's Syndrome and his niece and nephews grew up with him in the house like he was an older brother. My parents explained these things to us in simple terms -- He lost his finger in a factory accident. He lost his arm in a car accident. That was enough for us and we moved on. It REALLY isn't a big deal and will help kids to understand that people can look different but still be able to do what everyone else does.