Mindy Memories

Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Not much to say, but wanted to post about it. For some reason, it's hitting me harder this year than it has the last few years. I'm watching a documentary on Discovery-Times called "Falling Man," talking about the photos of the people jumping and stuff like that. It's a different documentary than I usually watch, so maybe that's it. I tend to watch documentaries about the rise and fall of the towers for the most part, and while they talk about the people a lot focuses on the architecture, engineering, how they fell, etc. -- focus is on the buildings, not the people. This one focuses on the people, and I usually go out of my way to not focus on them because concentrating on the buildings makes the whole thing a little easier.

I'm going to watch it all the way through, though. It's important to come to grips with these things.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Still around

Been a while since I've posted, huh? Well, everything is fine and I've been getting in a lot of stitching. I'll post a picture of my almost-finished Christmas Elf Fairy soon.

I've been going through a weird phase lately. I've gotten rid of a large part ov my wardrobe and have replaced it with items that are a bit more hip and more flattering on me. This means the clothes actually fit me, are not baggy because I'm trying to hide my gut. I've decided that I'm fat and that's the way it is. The funny thing is that since coming to this decision, I've lost five pounds, lol. Seems that now that I've decided I'm going to just live my life in my own skin, I'm not obsessing about what I eat and am getting a little more exercise. I'm going to start going to the pool again, too. I think now I've accepted my body for what it is (well, mostly -- I still have my moments) and that I'm going to dress in ways that look good on me, not hide behind my clothes. Of course, I've bought some items to help flatten my tummy a little, which is a big help, but my clothes fit so much better now.

I've also bought more skirts that are above my knee and am getting all my mid-calf skirts taken up. My mom's going to do them, and I offered to pay her because I have a bunch of them. They are beautiful, but they cut me off at the biggest part of my leg and if they were just below my knee or at my knee they would be much more flattering. I also bought a pair of high boots recently. I may or may not have mentioned it. They are black and are made for wide calves and I love them. Of course, I won't be wearing them for a while yet, but I'm looking forward to wearing them with some textured or colored tights and my skirts. I've also bought some over-the-knee socks that I think will look cute with my Mary Jane wedges and my clogs with skirts. My skirts aren't so high that you can see the tops of the socks, so I don't think it will be too young a look for me. I'll see how I feel about it once I wear them. I got some cool shoes recently, too -- discovered DSW Shoes.

Anyway, that's a lot of what I've been up to lately. I just got to the point where I realized that I can't put everything off until I lose weight, as I may never lose the amount I really want to lose, and there's no guarantee that I'll be able to stay at a low weight if I can get down to it. When I get some time, I'll post pictures of some of my new stuff.