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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gonna be a long post

Wow, been quite a while since I posted here, and so much has happened in the past few weeks -- not so much in my personal life, but in general.

1. In case you didn't know, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series! I work downtown at 18th and Walnut, just a few blocks from Broad Street. So, my boss decided that, after the large affair we hosted the week before, we deserved a "field trip" to the Phillies parade. We went with a bunch of other people from work down to Broad and Lombard, waited for about 90 minutes for 5-10 minutes of parade, and loved every minute of it! Luckily, I know how to get home using SEPTA in ways that do NOT involve regional rail, so I was able to avoid the 4-5 hour wait at the trains and took the El and a bus that dropped me off literally across the street from my apartment -- thank God!

2. The Presidential Election -- I'm not going to go into detail, but I'm very happy with the result of our election in the United States. No, I DON'T think that the day Obama takes office everything will automatically change. I DO expect that over many years some things will go in a different direction than they have been. After eight years of the current administration, I'm ready to see what someone else can do.

3. Our fundraising/visibility event was October 23 and was a huge success. Our Inspiration Award winners were all very... well... inspiring! I don't think there was a dry eye in the house and when you see people like this overcoming obstacles such as AIDS, drug addiction, mental illness, depression, job loss, and homelessness, it helps to realize that maybe you aren't as badly off as you previously thought. I know some people I'd really like to drag to one of these luncheons to show them how bad it can really get and that if these people can drag themselves out of it (with a little help from us), than we're OK.

4. Did I post my declaration here that I wasn't going away for any holidays this year? LOL, well THAT'S been blown out of the water. I'm visiting my parents over Thanksgiving and my sister is coming out from CA, too. It's a 5-6 hour drive, so mostly gas is what the expense will be. My sister has also decided that I will be visiting her over Christmas and New Year's in San Francisco! I'll be out there about 10 days. She'll be working part of that time, so I can take BART and get around that way. She offered to leave me her car to drive around, but she has a nice Acura and I'm not much of a city driver and think I'm better off navigating BART. I'd be a nervous wreck with her car, but it's nice she offered. :)

5. I still haven't found that camera cord, but (again) I really haven't been looking. I'm almost done with Skeleton Crew. If I really tried, I could have finished it by Halloween, but I was a bit headachey and didn't want to push it.

6. I now have a Facebook account. If anyone is interested in friending me, I'm Mindy Bogue. I may not friend everyone, but most of the people who read my blog have been coming here for a while and I "know" you. :)

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