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Friday, October 29, 2004

Some quizzes snagged from Jen's Ort Jar

You are Sir Bedevere! Wise and creative, you are able to counsel others as well as come up with some really ingenious plans of attack...sort of.
You are Sir Bedevere! Wise and creative, you are
able to counsel others as well as come up with
some really ingenious plans of attack...sort

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY? brought to you by

You Should Be a Girl Scout for Halloween!
You Should Be a Girl Scout for Halloween!

What should you be for Halloween?

You're a literary minded as the Bard himself!
You are a complete literary geek, from knowing the
classics (even the not-so-well-known classics
and tidbits about them) to knowing devices used
in writing, when someone has a question about
literature, they can bring it to you and rest
assured; you know the answers.

How much of a literary geek are you?
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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Me again

Here I go almost a month with nothing to say here, now I'm posting right after my last post. I guess that's the way these things go sometimes.

I just saw a question on a board asking, "What's the dumbest thing you've ever done to hurt yourself?" Well, for me I think it was something I did as a kid -- big surprise.

We had a dog run in the front yard of the house where I grew up in NY. The wire went across the yard from the front porch to a large pine tree on the other side. It was a little lower than usual and at about 5 feet tall I had to bend over just a little to get under it.

Well, my brother and I were chasing each other around oustide, probably playing one of our spy games or something. I went running across the yard and BOING! I ran into the wire and it cut me at the very top of my nose about the place where my bottom eyebrow corner is. It wasn't overly major, but it stung and we put some stuff on it. That was a Sunday.

The next Sunday it had almost healed. Guess what? I did it again, doing the same damn thing! I came in the house and showed my mom and I think she had just about had it with me LOL!

Not working again 'til Monday :-)

I have today off and am going to Hershey tomorrow. One handy thing about working 4 day weeks is that I was able to work 5 last week to make up for one this week. Still, I hope to be full-time soon -- need that extra day's pay each week :-)

Anyway, I'm watching a documentary about the Bismarck. It mentions that her crew felt it was unsinkable. When will people realize that as soon as you call a ship unsinkable, the first thing it will do is sink? Obviously, the Titanic comes to mind. I'm also thinking the Andrea Doria was considered unsinkable, althought at least that one didn't go down the first time out. I tell ya, if I go on a cruise and hear a crew member say it's unsinkable, I'm outta there!

So, today I gotta get myself together for CATS. I was supposed to help my friend put some stuff on Ebay today but she didn't get back to me. I'll check with her later today but I'm not going out of my way if she doesn't let me know. I mean, I want to help but I have plenty to do today on my own, and if I can't get a call back for a few days it must be something that can wait until I get back.

Sometimes I think that my childed friends think that since I have no kids my time is not as important and that I can drop things whenever I'm needed. Honestly? I do have more free time than my friend with kids -- to me that's a given. When I say "free" time, though, I mean time to do what I want, not what I need to do for work or kids. My free time consists of stitching, TRYING to organize things around here, reading, etc. Yes, it's technically stuff I don't HAVE to do, but I don't like the assumption that I should just drop everything at the drop of a hat. Likewise, I don't like the assumption that plans with me can be canceled at the last minute because I don't have kids. I truly DO understand that these things happen, but my understanding does have limitations. I don't like feeling that plans with me are less important than absolutely anything else. Again, I know things happen when people have kids, but don't make plans with me than make plans afterwards during that time thinking that Mindy has a better schedule and can do it another time.

I'm not really upset or mad or anything, but I guess I figure if I'm going to try to help somebody that they can at least get back to me and let me know if the deal is on. Meh, I probably just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I wanted to sleep in since I'm not working today but I still woke up at 7am and am cranky :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This and that

I'm so looking forward to meeting some people at CATS in Hershey! I think it will be a lot of fun. This is the first one I'm going to so it will be a new experience. I have a very limited budget so I doubt I'll buy much, but I'm going more to meet people anyway, so that's no biggie. Hopefully Tim and Smokey can behave themselves for a few days.

I hate how the upcoming election is making people so horrible. Americans are being hateful to other Americans, some Americans and non-Americans are being hateful toward each other. Disagreement is one thing. Nobody is going to agree on everything and politics is definitely one of those issues. However, disagreeing doesn't mean it's right to start hurling personal insults. Of course, what one considers a personal insult seems to differ from person to person, so there's just no end to the crap. I'm sure it will be bad after the election, too -- especially if it's anything like last year's.

I don't feel like doing a meme today. It's actually pretty chilly in here even though I turned the heat up to 80. Hmmmm, I wonder if they turned the heat off again. It was on for a few days a while back but I think they turn it on and off quite a bit and no matter what I do with the thermostat it doesn't matter. It's not that cold, but it could be warmer. Tim will be irritated when he gets home. He likes to wear light clothes in the winter and turn the heat up, which drives me nuts. I grew up using a woodburning stove for much of our heat and we only turned the furnace on when it was very cold because we couldn't afford to use any more oil than absolutely necessary. Here the heat is included in the rent, so he doesn't think about it. I figure that's why we have a zillion blankets, sweaters and sweatshirts. Oh well, there's really no use arguing over it. I have to pick my battles :-)

Friday, October 15, 2004

Been a while

Wow! I knew it had been some time since I last posted here but didn't realize it had been THAT long!

I hadn't posted for a while because I took a little bit of a break from the Internet. Not a major one, and there were some boards I still visited, but the election bashing was getting to me so I didn't post much for a bit. I refuse to call them "discussions" because in most cases they start out that way but they turn personal.

The good news is that I'm going to Hershey CATS next weekend! I didn't think I'd be able to afford it, but thanks to some circumstances there's a woman who has an opening in her room AND comes by my area on the way to Hershey. Plus, another friend was going to help me take Amtrak if I needed to, since my car really needs some work, and she told me to keep what she sent me to shop and for food. It's very hard for me to accept help and I tend to be fiercely independent, but I figure these things would not be offered to me if not with sincerety, so I accpeted.

Also, I recently put in a request for Pagemaker and Photoshop at work. Publisher gets the basic job done, but not if they want to look professional and deal with outside printers. I figured I'd get one or the other, but they are buying me both! Woohoo! Not only will this make me and them look better, but it will also help me to keep up with my skills. I'm probably a little rusty after a year of not using them, but considering I've been using Pagemaker since 1989 and Photoshop since 1995, I think I'll pick them up again pretty quickly. I was pretty floored that he bought both for me. It's a little scary, because now I have to live up to my big talk LOL! I have in the past and can do so again now.