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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Matt, this is NOT a typical family

Interesting. I'm watching The Today Show this morning and they're talking about how much to tell your kids about the economy and how it's affecting the family. What got me is the main family they focused on mentioned not going out to eat or to the movies anymore and spending less on groceries. I'm assuming they are spending less on groceries by eating more rice and beans type stuff than steak, don't really now -- the kids are eating. Now, how many families with less than 7 kids (this family had 7) have been doing without movies or going out to dinner for years?

I hate it when they focus on families that, IMHO, do NOT reflect the reality for many families. How about focusing on the families or couples who make just over minimum wage and are trying to better themselves by getting an education but find it almost impossible when they can barely pay rent and put food on the table? I guess that's not stylish enough for The Today Show, but it seems they ALWAYS focus on families that really don't represent what many families are truly going through.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Made my day!

A woman at work today was telling me how much of a difference she's seen in me over the last year. I mentioned to year about a year ago when I started dressing better and why -- sick of waiting to lose weight to do things, figured I'd just deal with what I have. She asked me where I get my stuff and I told her a few places (Kohls, Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, sometimes Dress Barn and Talbots). I also told her I get a lot of inspiration from What Not to Wear and she said they should hire me as a consultant. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't tell you how good that made me feel, even though I'm sure they could find a lot to change, lol. She said I inspired her to dress better.

And get this -- she's not even plus-sized like me. I can't believe that a non-plus-sized woman asked ME about style advice! This coming from the girl who wore nothing but t-shirts and jeans to work for years and then wore too-baggy dressier clothes to her next job where the dress code was business casual.

I am just floored, in a good way. :)


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Glad I checked my stash

I organized my stash a little last night and I'm very glad I did! In my last post I mentioned that I was now two behind on the Mirabilia Christmas Trees. Well, while I was going through my things I found the chart and checked the floss -- yep, have that, too. So, I found some fabric I could use for it so that I don't have to order more and now I have that completely kitted up, too. I'm very glad I did that, as those kits aren't cheap and I would have been highly annoyed if I had doubled up on it.

So, I will definitely start it in January, if not sooner. I have to see how I progress on my current WIPs. I'm currently adding beads to the Christmas ornaments I made this year. I can finish that today and then finish Skeleton Crew sometime this month, I think. Maybe the tree can replace Skeleton Crew. We'll see.

I still need to go through my StRIP list and goals and see where I am. I was in a bit of a stitching slump for a while there, but am back into it now. I still haven't found my silly USB cord for the camera, but I honestly haven't been looking that hard, either. I'm sure it will turn up. Then I can post some photo updates.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stitching Jubilee

I went to Stitching Jubilee yesterday and, as planned, spent most of my money over at Picture This Plus. I tell ya, they must make a large part of their money at these festivals because that booth is always packed. It's so nice to be able to see the fabric in person, although their website is pretty accurate.

So, I bought a lot of fabric, but also got some fabric at Enchanting Lair, some bugle beads and size 8 beads, and some GAST and WDW threads I needed. I really had to keep to my list and not buy charts, but of course when you have told yourself not to buy more charts or kits you see a million that you like. The Mirabilias were back (nobody had them in NH in April/May) so it was REALLY tough not buying any that I don't have, particularly the new Christmas Tree. (Sigh) I am already behind on those trees as I haven't bought last year's kit, yet. I should get caught up on them this year, as I really like them and stitched the first one as soon as it came out.

So, there wasn't a huge number of exhibitors, but that's par for the course these days. The exhibitors who were there had a good variety of stuff, which is nice. There were two stitching rooms in the hotel. Since King of Prussia is just down the road, I went there for the day and then came home. I was thinking of going back today, but I spent most of my budgeted money and there's really no reason to go back unless I want to just hang out in the stitching room. I like meeting the people, but hate driving in King of Prussia and am more comfortable stitching at home.

One thing I noticed about my stash while I was packing my stitching stuff for the day -- I really DO have less WIPS than I used to. This is a GOOD thing! I've been trying to work down that pile but really haven't kept up with tracking my STRIP list or goals list lately. I went through my kitted up projects and fit them into less carriers than I had them in before. Now, I may have just packed them more tightly, so I'm going to actually go through and see where I really stand. Hopefully, I'm right about this. :) I still *may* take part in Guilt-Free January, we'll have to see how I do through December. If I do, I think I'll only start one, probably something for which I just bought fabric -- although those Mirabilia Christmas Tree kits are calling my name...

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