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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


After I go home in an hour I won't be back in the office until Tuesday! I'm not completely free tomorrow, as I'm going to training in the morning and working from home in the afternoon, but it's still different from being in the office. I'm so thankful that I actually like my job, because I still have the need for down time and I can't imagine truly hating my job and being stuck there all the time. I've had jobs that didn't thrill me (Burger King comes to mind), but at least I worked with fun people that helped take the crapiness away... a little. :)

So, Friday I'm going to see Pirates, probably at 12:30 so that it (hopefully) won't be as crowded as later. I really have no idea what to expect, but hope I'm not crammed in like a sardine. Tim isn't into it, so I figured that would be the perfect day to take off and go see it. I have Memorial Day off, so that makes a very nice long weekend for me.

I'm going to finish Easter Fairy tonight. I received the Kreinik a few days ago and started filling in her wings and can finish it tonight. I think I can do the beading tonight as there's not a lot and it's all one color. After all that beading I just finished on Mermaid of the Pearls, this will fly by, lol. I meant to stitch on her last night but read instead. I read Harry Potter 5 the other day to refresh my memory for the movie. Of course, after that I just HAD to re-read Harry Potter 6. It's a good thing, as I read them all in sequence in a few weeks about a year ago, so I'm catching/remembering some things that I didn't before. I think the fifth movie is going to be great and am impatiently waiting for the seventh book.

So, not sure what I'm going to stitch on over this lovely long weekend. This week I also worked a little on Why Hoard Gold, so I may do some more of that. I doubt I'll spend all weekend on it, though. As adorable as the Dragon Dreams designs are, the rayon floss drives me nuts and I only stitch on them a little at a time. Of course, I don't HAVE to use the rayon and can substitute DMC, but I must admit that I love seeing that shiney look on those dragons. Her dragons are so adorable that I'm willing to tough it out with the rayon to make it look right. One of my stitching friends works with rayon floss on patterns that don't call for it and she uses it a lot. I tell her she's nuts, but she definitely has a knack for it and her pieces look beautiful.

OK, enought blathering for now. :)

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