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Friday, May 18, 2007

Updated StRIP list

Since I'm going to give Sleeping Beauty away, I've revamped my goals and StRIP list. Of course, I really haven't been paying THAT much attention to my StRIP list lately, but I really should. :) I snuck The Castle in there because I already started it. I may as well get it on there somewhere and I'm close to finishing Liberty Sampler and thought that's the best place to put it. I also took out a few lines that included some items I wanted to start this year but haven't started yet. If I'm trying to use this to get my WIP list down, what's the point of adding items that haven't even made it to my WIP list yet?

StRIP List

Liberty Sampler (80%) + I Shall Wear Purple (finished) > The Castle (TW)
Mermaid of the Pearls (finished) + Why Hoard Gold? (25%) > Coeur de Saint Valentin
Easter Fairy (80%) + Skeleton Crew (10%) > Christmas Elf Fairy
Angel of the New Dawn (25%) + Ouroborus (15%) > Christmas Cat
Spring Queen (15%) + Sweet Dreams Santa (20%) > Blossom Harvest
Garden Verses (20%) + Rose Celebration (10%) > Valentine Fairy
Stretch (5%) + Alpine Garden (15%) > L&L County Fair
Fairie Treasure (5%) + Angel of the Sea (15%) > Moon Fairy Spirit
Autumn Angel (5%) + Oh Christmas Tree (5%) > Halloween Fairy
Earth Dragon (5%) + TW English Garden Welcome (30%) > Titanic
Misty Morning Vineyard (5%) > Egyptian Garden



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