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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Glorifying the mob?

Maybe someone can explain this to me. I've seen several people say they didn't like that The Departed won the Oscar for Best Movie because they don't like movies that glorify the mob. Frankly, I loved The Departed and plan on buying it very soon. I understand people not liking it because of the violence and language in general, but don't understand how it glorifies crime.

How does Goodfellas or The Departed glorify the mob? Sure, they show the guys with a lot of money and power. They also show the vast majority of them dying in violent ways, some of them snitching on others and having to live in the 'burbs in the Witness Protection Program, etc. To me, they always showed how violent the mob is and how most people involved die an early death.

It's like people who got so upset over the song "Snowblind" by STYX. "Oh, it's talking about cocaine! We can't have it!" Well, if you listen to the lyrics, it's talking about addiction and how awful it is, not that it's great.

I don't get it.

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