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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SBQ catch-up

It would be a lot easier if I'd answer these things every week instead of en masse like this. Oh well. :)

What is the biggest mishap you have had with your stitching material?
(Knock on wood) I've never really had a huge mishap with my material. The worst was probably when I mismeasured the fabric for Christmas Elegance and ended up with only about an inch at the bottom for framing. She's been framed for a few years and you can't tell, the framer did a fabulous job.

What do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

It depends. Sometimes I give them to people who are looking for them, other times I keep them if I think I'll stitch them again. I usually pass on my Mirabilias, but now that people are coming up with such lovely color converions I may have to rethink that. I gave away "The Kiss" after stitching it for a friend, but then I saw a gorgeous conversion to a blue dress and will probably buy the chart again to stitch the blue version for myself. If I keep them, I put them back in with the unused charts so that I can find them again if I need them.

Have you ever used a magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it helpful?
If I stitched over one I'd probably need to use one -- that's why I don't stitch over one. :) No, I've never used one.

How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?
I'm going to say "lots of cross stitch books" and "not very often" and leave it at that. :)


  • At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just curious, I read a couple of stitching blogs and one of them has the same questions that yours does, frequently. Do you get the questions from stitchers or make them yourself?


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