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Monday, July 03, 2006

Done shopping for a while

I don't shop very often for clothes, but when I do I guess I mean business :) I bought a few more skirts and tops. I went to Talbots as and bought a pretty pale yellow skirt with white embroidery at the bottom, a short-sleeved white sweater, a pair of turquoise and a pair of melon capris (petites, so they really are capris on me), a white tank top and a crocheted pullover sweater. Everything was half off, so I got some great quality pieces for an affordable price. I also picked up a few tank tops at Old Navy, something I can wear under the sweater and with a few blouses so I don't have to button them and can wear them as summer jackets. I also picked up a pretty turquoise print skirt at Old Navy, just a simple A-line cotton skirt. Oh, and I stopped by Kohls to pick up some things for Tim's mom and while I was there picked up a quite georgette short print skirt and a sweater one-piece that looks like a twin set. While at Kohls I picked up some beautiful scarves on sale and have been wearing them as a headband with the bottom coming out from under my hair and down my back a little. I really like that look, and it keeps my hair out of my face. I just got it cut, but sometimes it's just easier to put the scarf in and go rather than trying to style it. With the scarf I look like I at least did something with it. :)

So, no more shopping for me! I feel good, though, having nice summer clothes that don't look sloppy on me. I had a bit of an epiphany when I was buying the scarves: I always tell myself that I'll buy cute clothes after I lose weight. Well, in the meantime I'm still living and working, ya know? So, I decided that I WILL wear cute clothes that look good on me, and I WILL wear a pretty scarf that contrasts with my dark hair, and I WILL show off my legs -- they are big but muscular and shapely, and I WILL use a some self-tanner every few days so my legs don't look so pale. I'm sick of waiting to lose weight to start treating myself like a real person who deserves to look her best no matter what my weight. Of course, these clothes that I love can be taken in as I lose weight, and I know there's a very good tailor about a block from work, so it's not like my money's been wasted. I fully intend to make alterations once these get too big.


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger Karen said…

    Congrats on the clothes shopping! I'm in desperate need of some summer clothes myself. I agree with treating yourself nicely now--why wait until you're a certain weight to buy cute clothes?? You deserve to look fashionable no matter what you weigh. : )

  • At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Melanie said…

    I love your epiphany - it's wonderful that you're feeling good about yourslef now and treating yourself. And oh boy, what a shopping expedition, wow!

  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger Terri said…

    Good for you Mindy! I quit waiting for "then" myself and it has boosted my self-confidence a tad :)


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