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Friday, January 06, 2006

Lotsa stuff

Well, I got home from visiting the hospital (not for me) a little while ago. My friend's son had an emergency appendectomy yesterday and is coming home tomorrow. So, I picked him up some sketch pads and a bunch of markers, colored pencils, metallic pens and gel pens (aren't dollar stores great?) so he can keep busy there and while at home for the next week. He's doing fine. He was in a little pain when I was there because a mutual friend was there and can't help being funny and it was hurting Sean to laugh. Dana's been staying with him in the hospital room and I hope she can get some sleep this weekend.


My diet is going pretty well. I've been off soda now for a week, which is huge for me. I was talking to one of my coworkers and she said she'd noticed that whenever she came to my desk there was always a can or bottle of soda sitting there and that she realizes that's a big step for me. She just quit smoking, so she's taking some pretty major steps herself. I've been pretty good about staying in my range and getting a little exercise each day. I really like how this program eases you into everything. I don't feel like I have to change everything at once and it seems to be working.


Oh, this is cool! MassMutual had a company-wide contest: the agent who sold the most life insurance policies with a specific rider won an all-expenses-paid trip to the SuperBowl -- tickets, first-class airfare, deluxe room, autograph session, parties, box seats, etc. The package is worth about $15k. Well, one of the agents in my office won, out of the whole country! Even better, she's a new agent (only been here a year) and she almost quit the class. They have a huge amount of stuff to learn in that week-long class and she was really worried. Well, she turned it around and has become one of our leading new agents in the last year, and now this. It's great to see somebody follow through even when scared and come out so well. We are all so proud of her :)


Karri has already booked our rooms for CATS in Hershey next year! Woohoo! She called me last night to tell me where we were staying and it's already paid for. This is very cool, as I can pay her a little over time and be ahead of the game. I did OK this year, but I want to save up and not buy much stitching during the year so I can buy some good stuff there. I'm already looking forward to it.


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger junebee said…

    Wow, what diet are you using? Soda isn't my problem but other things are (starches, dairy).

  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger Mindy said…

    Hi Junebee :) I'm using SparkPeople at www.sparkpeople.com, and it's free. I'm not using the actual meal option, but using the site to track my caloric, fat, protein, etc. intake as well as exercise and water. When you join you enter in your weight and height and your goals. My goal is higher than my recommended weight, but I know my body and it's pretty muscular and tends to be heavy. So, once I set up my goals and decide on a time goal, the site tells me ranges I should be within each day.

    The best part is that it slowly gets you into it. Right now I'm still in the 2-week Fast Break Phase One, which basically helps you ease into the program with small daily goals instead of jumping in all at once.

    Take a look!

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    I've been using SparkPeople since you posted the link on your blog and I love it! I don't participate in the messageboards (although I may in the future), but I use it for the articles and tracking my diet, etc. It's awesome! I had been looking for software to accomplish that so it's nice to find a place for free.

    Good luck getting the soft drinks out of your diet... my husband is trying to do the same thing right now (although, I think last night he replaced it with beer to it kind of cancels out LOL).

  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger V said…

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  • At 7:12 PM, Blogger V said…

    I also agree with taking it one day at a time. It's tough, I know, because I've been there and hell, I'm STILL there.


  • At 7:13 PM, Blogger V said…

    Hey, there, it's me, V.

    Good going for you, Mindy, about cutting out the soda. I'm about to make some major changes in my eating habits, also. First, I will be doing an indefinite sweets/sugar/candy/dairy fast, and at the same time, I will be on an internal cleansing program for a month or two. (Oxy Powder and Colonix). I have tried Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers, lost weight and gained it back. I commend you for doing WW, but it got to be too expensive for me. I even went to L.A. Weight Loss to sign up, but they wanted me to pay $900 to lose weight, and I said, NO WAY. this was when they were having a 1/3 off special!! GAH!

    I just started back doing Tae-Bo again, and I'm starting to feel good again. Let's help keep each other motivated!

  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    I need motivation too! I usually drink more soda in the wintertime and stick to iced tea and water in the warmer months. I have to keep telling myself that 'soda is belly wash-no nutritional value'. ; )
    And there is candy galore around here left over from Christmas. I am good and I will have a couple of pieces for a treat daily, but that can make a new dimple in my thigh.
    My trouble is exercising more. I was even thinking of getting a pass to the local gardens I featured on my blog and go with my camera once a week and walk for exercise.


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