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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas

Mine was quiet but nice. Tim and I were talking about how it just didn't seem like Christmas this year. I think because of all the nastiness surrounding the holidays this year it just seemed kinda blah. Plus, Tim and I didn't exchange gifts for the first time in 6 Christmases because he needs to spend his money getting his car fixed. I know that if I bought him something and he didn't get me anything he'd feel bad and so I told him we could just buy for the others and not worry about ourselves. We get each other little items through the year, so it's no biggie.

The people at work were very generous this year. All last week I kept finding cards and packages on my desk. Off the top of my head, I got a bottle of red wine, a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, $100, $50 bonus from the main boss, two votive candle sets, more candy and cookies than I need in a year, a little snowman, nice foam bath... and it goes on.

Remember my post about Belica Bags? My friend at work knew that I wanted one but didn't buy it for myself, so she bought it for me! Wasn't that sweet? Heidi also gave me one of her little cosmetic bags she made so I have a little set. I told Heidi that when she makes it big and they start mass producing her bags, I can say that I have an original :) Dana really loved the one I gave her, so I did good there. She bought me a Wave Station, which is a fancy blender. She knows I like to make smoothies and that my previous blender disappeared after Piano Lane went under (my own fault) so I'm very happy to be blending again.

I canceled my membership at LA Fitness a while back. I just wasn't using it because I could no longer go at lunch with my busier schedule and whenever I tried to go before work the pool was full, and forget about going after work. So, I'm joining a place that's closer to where I live. It's smaller and much less commercial and not as busy. It has a nice lap pool, and that's the main thing. Once I get a decent salary again I plan on rejoining the awesome place at Springfield Hospital/Healthplex, but for now I simply can't afford it. I've gained more weight this holiday and it's just too much. Somehow I have to figure a way to keep working out and eat properly. It really shouldn't be as difficult as I'm making it, and I don't know why I'm making it this way.

In stitching news, I'm almost done with L&L's Guardian Angel. I think I can finish it by the end of the year. I was hoping to also finish the beading for Christmas Flourishes by 2006, but that won't happen. I thought I had bought the beads but checked the other day and I hadn't. Well, they are ordered now :)

The money I was given for Christmas has gone to materials for Misty Morning Vineyard from Chatelaine. It figures -- the first Chatelaine I stitch is one of the most expensive ones to kit up, but it's beautiful. I have ordered all the silks, which cost a pretty penny -- a few pretty pennies, actually. I also decided to use a hand-dyed fabric for it, so bought Sudden Storm from Silkweaver. It's a nice light grey/white blend and is pretty subtle. There were some others that were pretty but a bit darker and more contrasty than I want for this particular piece. I haven't ordered the beads yet, but I won't be putting them on for quite a while and can wait. I'm really looking forward to stitching this piece.


  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Jill in CA said…

    It sounds like you had a nice Christmas! I have Misty Morning Vinyard as a WIP (I started it when it was still a mystery...). It is still one of my favorites and I think it was an excellent choice for your first Chatelaine. Just be warned: they are addictive, especially the delica beads. I hope to see you at the Chatelaine BB once you get started if you aren't posting there already!

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    Wow, your coworkers gave you some nice gifts!

    It sounds like you've put your Christmas money to good use... what better present than new stash? Enjoy!


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