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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Diet and Exercise stuff

I know this is probably boring for most people, but it's good for me to get it down.

I know I had an abs tape from The Firm around here somehwere, but I can't find it. I'll probably find it after my Transfirmer set comes in. In the meantime, I'm just doing crunches and other strength exercises. I can already feel a difference in my crunches -- it's much easier for me to do 20 than it was a week ago. I know The Firm really works everything, so at least I'll have done something before I start.

So yeah, I ordered the Transfirmer System from Firm Direct but then canceled it. I ordered it from them because I couldn't find anywhere that had it in stock. It was pretty expensive from FirmDirect, then I saw that a lot of people had problems with it taking forever to arrive. So, someone posted that they got theirs at newegg.com so I ordered it. It cost me $20 less total, and I was able to get it shipped Next Day. No contest!

I'm exercising at home for now, mainly because I just don't feel comfortable in public in a bathing suit right now. After I lose 20 pounds or so, I'll probably feel better. I know that I'm still a great swimmer and tend to be better than the others in the pool who weigh much less, but I still don't like the way I look in a suit.

I'm not sure when I'm going to do the exercises. I prefer to exercise in the morning, but I feel funny doing it with Tim home even if he's sleeping. I get home about an hour or so before he does, so I'll do it then. Maybe after a while I'll feel more comfortable doing it when he's home. I just know that at first he won't take it seriously, and I'll have to tone up a bit before he'll realize I'm really doing this. It was much easier when he went to work before I did, but we can't always get what we want, can we?

Had a good day today. I was going to have more blackeyed but after seeing them in the fridge I realized how much fat is in there due to Tim cooking them with the hambone. I was kinda disgusted by it (yuck), so I just didn't eat them and had a potato with diced tomatoes instead. I'm not going to tell him, because he'll take it the wrong way. I appreciate that he cooked something, but will have to figure the best way to get that fat out of there when I eat them and didn't want to deal with it tonight. I know you're supposed to be able to skim it off, but it looks like there are bits everywhere. I'll figure it out.


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