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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fat people aren't supposed to be athletic, right?

It's definitely allergy season. I picked up some of that Alavert at the store and will see how it works. I wish I could tell if this was allergies or a cold, but I can never tell. My eyes are bothering me a bit so I'm going with allergies.

I swam yesterday for half a mile. I'm so glad I went, because the morning was pretty stressful. It really makes the rest of my day better as I can get out my stress in the pool. I also walked to the WaWa farther up the street from my normal one on Tuesday, so that was about half a mile. Nothing major, but there's 1.5 miles to add to my challenge. If I'm feeling better after work I'm going to an aqua aerobics class and will figure a mile for every 20 minutes of working out.

While at the pool yesterday I got the stink face. Men who are in shape really don't like it when obese short women are faster than them in the pool. This is no news, but it was reiterated to me yesterday. I got out of the pool and he saw my girth and I caught "the look" out of the corner of my eye. Part of me was irritated, but most of me thinks he's just pissed because I'm way overweight and still faster than him. Nanny-nanny-booby! Yes, I know what I look like in a bathing suit, I look in a mirror. I figure at least I'm doing something about it and it takes guts for me to go out there a few days a week with no real cover. I dress in ways that tends to hide my (mostly belly and back) fat from people, but there's no hiding in a swimsuit.

Speaking of weight, I bit the bullet yesterday and weighed myself at the pool. I'm up to 113.5 pounds, about 2 pounds higher than when I started WeightWatchers a while back. Oh well, that's why I'm going to the gym and eating better. Otherwise it will just keep creeping up. I need to redo my ticker at the bottom of the blog. I don't think anyone sees it anyway, but I know it's there. In truth, I'm hoping some of that is PMS weight, but I don't want to assume. We'll see what I weigh in a week or two, and I'll weigh myself at the pool every Wednesday.

I was going to ramble on about something else but have completely forgotten what it was. I usually remember eventually and come back :)


  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Hey Mindy,
    It seems like a lot of people worry too much about what other people think of them. I feel like everyone is looking at me in church for instance. That's pretty lame. At least you are doing something to benefit your health and I am glad to know a great swimmer such as yourself. Keep it up!
    As for allergies-I think a lot of people are suffering. I read about a woman using Flonase and Sudafed because she was so miserable. I got some Flonase from the doctor, but also have some BioAllers nasal spray from the GNC store. Get some eye drops too. The above really helps for congestion and post nasal drip. Good luck with everything!


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