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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday night, weekends are never long enough

April Stitching Goals (in hours)
Finish Christmas Jewel -5
Finish 1990 L&L freebie -5
Sant in Fur -5
Guardian Angel -5
Christmas Flourishes -10
Sleeping Beauty -5
Sweet Dreams Santa -5
L&L Angel for AQP -5
ornament -5

April Goals for home
Rearrange my card system
start doing daily and weekly routines
make appointment with a person to help with finances
swim three days a week for 20 minutes
walk two days a week for 20 minutes
Restart WW plan
Reorganize stitching stash
Send at least five resumes a week, assuming the jobs are what I want
--I'm not going to apply for just any job
Re-read David Allen's book "Getting Things Done"

I actually got a decent amount of stuff done this weekend, although you can't tell by just looking around. I used to use the SHE card system and it was working great for me until I went from working 4 days to full time. I completely lost interest and have been struggling ever since. So, yesterday I went through and reorganized it to fit my current schedule and will take it from there. I find that when I look around at all the things I need to do, I just get overwhelmed and decide to stitch instead LOL. That's a good thing sometimes but not as often as I do it. I often feel that if I can't do everything on my list that it's no use, but I need to get past that thinking. I don't think that way at work, so why do I think that way at home?

I also reorganized most of my stitching charts and magazines last night. I had a lot of magazines and charts that were just sitting in a pile and I put them in the appropriate folders. I still have some magazines to put away but they are in order and the folder is in a place hard for me to get to right now -- my hall closet which is scary to open!

In the last few days I put 15 hours of work into Christmas Flourishes. She's coming along nicely. I will scan her and my EduCATed at work, hopefully tomorrow, and insert the pictures into my blog. As usual, the picture on the Flourishes chart doesn't give justice to the actual design. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and there are lots of them.

I also need to restart my Weight Watchers. I'm doing it alone for the moment because I just couldn't afford the meetings. I figure I have all the points information and can use some message boards online for support if I need to. I think my main points book is somewhere in the abyss of my car, so I need to find it and get all my WW stuff in one place. I know that's a "duh" thing but I've been putting off getting it all organized for some reason. I AM going swimming M, W and Th this week with a friend from work to whom I gave my week pass. I'm hoping she'll join and we can go three days a week together. I think that will be fun and motivating to both of us.


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