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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Had a nice birthday -- didn't do a darn thing!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I ended up lazing about all day doing nothing but watching the DVDs Tim bought me, hanging out with the cat and talking to people on the computer. I didn't even do any stitching until evening and took a few catnaps during the day. It was a bit overcast so it was perfect for that kind of thing. Very rare for me to goof off all day like that, and I fully enjoyed it :)

Tim is a good listener when it comes to gifts. He actually spent more money than he should have, but he did good. I like simple pleasures, ya know. He bought me a season of The Simpsons on DVD and of King of the Hill on DVD. Also bought the LOTR: ROTK soundtrack which I've been talking about buying for some time now. Also got me a set of Moonlight Path products from Bath and Body Works, along with a few of their room sprays in Tangerine and Cinnamon Pumpkin. Great stuff!

I also finished that 1990 L&L freebie this morning. She's cute, but I won't stitch her again like I have with some others. I think I like her later freebies better, but no complaints -- it was free! The chart was hard to read so I probably wouldn't have stitched her again, anyway. I'll scan her next week when I'm at work.

Monday I'm at work for about an hour and then I head over to Somerdale, NJ to train some people there. I don't think it's going to be nearly as planned out as when I went to New Castle, DE a few weeks ago as the people at the NJ office aren't as tech-savvy as in the DE office. Plus, it was a last minute deal because it was hard for me to get a final answer from the manager there. We'll see how it goes. It's easier for me to drive to DE than NJ, but it shouldn't too bad.


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