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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Feeling better today

Slept most of yesterday during the day and feel much better today. When I get those headaches that's really all I can do. I've learned the hard way that if I try to function the thing stays around much longer than if I just give in and rest.

Can I say how sick I am of hearing about Terry Schiavo? I feel horrible for her, but I think her family's war has absolutely nothing to do with her anymore. My opinion is unpopular, but I actually side with the husband. He's not saint, but I have yet to see any proof of all this "abuse" and such that supposedly put her in the hospital to begin with. As far as I can see he's made sure she's had the best care possible. I don't blame the parents for wanting what they think is best for her, but I feel they have all lost sight of the main issue. I'm also very upset that Congress had a special meeting and that Buch made this big entrance to Washington to sign that bill. Since when does this happen for ONE person? In the meantime there are many, many problems and other people suffering in this country. I just can't be convinced that this whole thing hasn't been a dream for some politicians to show off. Maybe I'm cynical, but that's how I see it. I don't the husband would have held on this long if he truly didn't believe in what she wanted. The truth is, nobody really knows. None of us know what Terry is really experiencing, what she really wants. We don't know the true motives of anybody, but people act like the DO know because they read such-and-such on Terry's website, or heard such-and-such from one news source. This thing is a mess and you'll hear totally different stories from everybody. Personally, I don't trust anyone's personal website on this kind of stuff. That's like taking an autobiography as the Gospel truth. Of COURSE it's going to be biased.

So, now I'm considered heartless, cruel, etc. because I "want Terry to die a horrible death." No, I really don't. I want what she would want, and as far as I can tell the authority legally lies with the husband. I've seen reports from doctors that say Terry's brain is so far gone that she really won't feel anything and that they are giving her morphine to be sure. Well, I hope that's true. I can tell you one thing -- this has made me and many Americans get our asses in gear to get living wills.


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