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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Eowyn Challenge

I signed up for this a few months back and then never did anything with it. Well, today I went back and signed up again and put in the two miles I swam so far this month. I'm starting to walk, too. Granted, walking a mile is a lot easier than swimming a mile, but the total workout I get from swimming is great! I went all three days last week and Tim mentioned today he thought I'd lost weight. I don't think I've lost anything but that I'm firmer just from those three days. I only go for 20 minutes and swim about 800- 1000 yards (16 - 20 laps, 32 - 40 lengths) but I already notice that I'm not as winded and my knees don't feel as week when I go up stairs.

I really like the idea of the Eowyn Challenge. I love my Lord of the Rings and this revolves around the mileage it takes to get from one place to another in Middle Earth. Feels like I'm actually "going" somewhere. When I first signed up I was posting to a group on the WW board and I liked them very much, but after a few days I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the conversation. So now I'm doing this on my own for the most part and will make sure to update my results every week.


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