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Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday ick

Well, I called out today. I was in and out all night with a migraine and although it's a little better now I've taken medication and don't trust myself to drive. I'm sure it's a combination of me stressing, the rain and the stench last night from the people across the hall burning something really bad last night. Not their fault -- if their oven is like mine you have to really keep an eye on it and they just moved in and probably didn't realize. Not like I've never burned anything before. So, I decided to spend the day at home sleeping for the most part.

I did finish my little cat yesterday, though. It was nice to start and finish something in two weekends. I will scan it into my album and blog tomorrow.

I'm going over my March goals, which were my February goals that I didn't accomplish because I felt poorly, to see where I stand. I don't tend to get upset if I don't completely stick to these monthly goals, but they do help me organize myself because there are certain projects I do want to finish this year.

So, here's the recap of my March stitching goals:

March Goals
Finish L&L freebie - 10 hours -- none so far
Finish Christmas Jewel and Crystal Chandelier - 5 hours -- none so far
Ornament - 5 hours -- none so far
Guardian Angel - 10 hours -- none so far
Rose Arbour - 10 hours -- 30+ hours, finished
Christmas Flourishes - 10 hours -- none so far
Dracolair purple dragon - 10 hours -- none so far

So, although I haven't strictly kept to my goals, I DID put a lot of time into Rose Arbour and finished her, which is part of my yearly goal. I also snuck in that extra little project I just finished to reward myself for finishing Rose Arbour. I think I'm doing OK, and there are still a few days left in the month and I'll see what can get accomplished in that time.


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