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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rose Arbour is done!

Well, I actually finished Rose Arbour Monday night but haven't had a second at work to scan it. The scanner is now attached to a central computer because so many use it, so I have to find a time at lunch or before/after work to use it when nobody else is. Plus one of the ladies is having problems with her computer and has been there a lot. I can't exactly ask somebody who is working to move so I can scan in my cross stitch LOL! I hope to scan her sometime today, as tomorrow I'm going to one of the district offices to train them to use some lead generation tools.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow, but I think it will be good. I'm giving a group presentation and will then work one-on-one with the agents to go over their books of buisness and give them marketing ideas for what they like to sell, prospecting, selling to the clients they already have, etc. I have set up a meeting with my main boss on Good Friday to go over my marketing stuff and, if I don't lose my nerve, will discuss my salary. Let's just say I'm WAY underpaid. I'm not sure what will come of it, and expect to be told it's not in the budget for the year and I'll have to wait until 2006. I hate to say it, but if that's the case I will be forced to look for another place to work because I will be more and more irritated about how much potential I have and how much I'm trying to do and for so little. I like the people and the place, but I've done the "Oh, I like where I work so I will work two jobs to scratch out a living instead of getting a better-paying job" thing before and I'm NOT doing it again! Working a second job for a few months may be necessary for me at the moment (not that I've found one yet) but I'm not going to get caught up in it for years again. Nope, not doing it, not when I have much more potential and experience than I did last time and am able to do better.

See, I'm getting all irritated about it and I haven't even asked yet LOL! I just need to calm down and not worry about it until then. It's not fair for me to ASSume the worst when I haven't given him a chance, right?


Have to say I'm pretty bummed that we will be drilling more in Alaska. No, I don't like relying on the MidEast for oil, but we keep thinking short-term and aren't thinking long-term. We really need to start thinking about what we will do when the world's oil runs out. Doing something about it then will be a bit too late.


Back to stitching news: I decided to add in a little project that isn't in my goals. Of course, my goals for Feb and March are screwed up already so it doesn't matter LOL! I didn't originally intend to finish Rose Arbour, just work 10 hours and go to the next one. However, I just got in the mood to finish her and worked 55 hours instead of 10 and finished her. As a reward, I'm now working on a simple little pattern that uses all overdyed floss. It's a cute little cat from Bent Creek called "EduCATed." I got it at CATS in Hershey and thought it was just adorable! I'm not usually into this style of stitching but I love this one! I'm using some floss I already have so some of the colors are a bit different, mainly the cat is darker in mine than on the chart. He's stitching up pretty well and I hope to finish him by the end of the weekend. Of course, I'll be working some overtime at home on Saturday so I won't have as much stitching time as usual. I still think I'll finish him, though. Here's what the chart picture looks like:

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