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Thursday, December 09, 2004

So, what exactly is God's will?

I don't have the answers, but I've seen talk about God's will come up quite a bit lately in various circles. Actually, it's been coming up for a very long time but maybe I've been more sensitive to it since it started revolving around the election.

I see people tell me that I should have children because that's what I'm here for, it's God's will. I see the same people tell others that if they are infertile it's God's will and they should adopt. Then they say that if a person uses IVF treatments that it's God's will because God gave us the technology to do so. Well, which is it?

If God gave doctors the knowledge and technology to save people's lives, then how can we call it God's will to let them die without using it? Then there's the argument that if you agree with something it's God's will, if you don't agree with certain procedures than it's Satan's will and goes against God.

In the end, who are we to say what is God's will and what isn't? Even the Bible has been translated several times and by people of different politics through the ages. The Gospels themselves contradict each other at times. So, am I supposed to take them literally? If I do, which one is more right than the others? Or am I supposed to take the Bible as a lesson on the whole?

As I said, I have no answers and don't pretend to be any sort of theologian or philosopher. However, I think it's interesting how often God's will completely lines up with the will of some humans, while Satan's will seems to be everything some of them are against :)


  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    if that's got you in a whirl, watch me add a twist: All creation comes from G-d, and is ultimately subjected to His will, right? The satan is a creation (metaphysical or otherwise)- so is satan's will in some part G-d's will?

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Mindy said…

    Very good point! I've always found it interesting how people can pick and choose what they say is God's will while other stuff isn't.

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Stacey said…

    Hi Mindy!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. It's one near and dear to my heart, and I love to know how people feel.:)

    I noticed your comments regarding the contradictions in the New Testament, and I want you to know if you ever have any questions regarding them please feel free to e-mail me! I enjoy Biblical discussion, and I would be happy to converse in anyway I can.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Mindy said…

    Stacey -- Glad to see you here! I'm not sure if you are notified of my response to your comment in my blog, but I may email you this weekend :)

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Haze said…

    Hi Mindy! I'm just starting to read blogs :) Very interesting topic! And yes, very confusing. Just to add to the confusion... Where does 'Free Will' fit in with 'God's Will'? God gave us free will. Does that mean that the choices we make are ultimately God's Will because he gave us Free Will to make those choices?

  • At 9:30 PM, Blogger Mindy said…

    Interesting that you brought up free will. I'm more of a free will person than a God's will person, I think. I believe that God put things in motion but is allowing us to make up our own minds about what we do. I'm not into predestination at all. However, I know there are times that he intervenes. I've known people who have had miraculous and unexplainable recoveries from horrible illnesses, things doctors couldn't explain. Every single one of these people prayed and led a devout life. My grandmother is a devout Christian Scientist, although she didn't force it on her children and they went to doctors, etc. Many people at her church believe her to be a healer and that when she prays for them it really does help them. I'm not into Christian Science myself, but I think there's something to the mind over matter aspect of it. She's 91 and lives alone and has no heart or other problems, never had cancer or a stroke or a broken bone, etc.

    So, I guess I still don't know exactly what I believe LOL! I'm going to make this a new post as well, since I have no idea if this goes back to people who have commented here :)

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Erica said…

    Great post. I am struggling myself with understanding God's will at the moment. Thanks again for visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet words. I appreciate it and wish you the best holiday season!


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