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Friday, November 23, 2007

Blog links updated

Wow! My blog links were a mess -- some had changed over a year ago, some blogs had been completely deleted, and many blogs I visit weren't on my list. Sooooo, it should be up-to-date now. If you visit and I don't have your blog listed, please leave the link in a comment and I'll happily add it to my list. My next blog task is to update my other links, although those are mostly OK. I still have to take a picture of my Mirabilia cherub I finished and add it to my sidebar. I'm so bad about that, which is silly -- I used to have to take them in to scan them and I'd get them done quickly. Now I have a digital camera and can get a picture immediately and upload it, and I put it off.

My big plans for today are to get the Christmas trees up. I moved some things around yesterday, but today I have to start by taking all that stuff out of that closet so I can get to the Christmas stuff. That's really the hardest part. My wrist has been acting up so I need to be careful, but I'll wrap it while I'm working and that will help. I do love stitching in the livingroom, watching movies or the History Channel while the big tree and Tim's little tree are up and decorated, all aglow. Maybe this year I'll get pictures of them. Tim's tree is a bit pathetic, as it's one of those 4-foot alpine cheapo trees that are tall and narrow, but it's kinda cute in a Charlie Brown sorta way. His tree has sci-fi and comic book ornaments on it -- and a Sponge Bog ornament, for some reason.

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