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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend stuff

Well, I'm still a little down in the dumps but I'll get over it. I was supposed to meet up with my sister in Petersburg, VA for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she's been traveling a lot for business lately and is simply exhausted. The thought of getting on a plane from San Francisco to Dulles and then driving another 1.5-2 hours to Petersburg during Thanksgiving weekend is too much for her, and I don't blame her. Instead, she's going to have a nice relaxing weekend at home and we'll get together another time. This is better for me, too, although I'm disappointed. I just spent $400 on glasses (!) so my budget is a little tight. Plus, this way I can put my Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving while the turkey is cooking and Tim is at work. It worked out very well that way last year. Smelling that turkey cooking while getting out the Christmas stuff is fabulous. Then I plan on spending the rest of the weekend stitching. :)

I just finished my grocery order and it will arrive tomorrow night. I looooooove ordering my groceries online -- no crowds to fight, no going to the store when I just want to be home. It costs me $10 extra for home delivery from Acme -- well worth the price, I think, especially this time of year. I wasn't planning on having Thanksgiving here, so this was a last-minute order. Usually I'd put the order in so that I'd have the food tonight at the latest, but that's OK. It's just me and Tim so I'm not cooking much.

Last night I finished the 2001 Mirabilia cherub for my coworker's baby shower gift. I really love this design. I figure I can't go wrong with a Mirabilia. I changed it so that the baby's blanket is green and the background is blue. It's stitched on blue spruce linen, and the shade of blue floss blends in nicely with the fabric. Since this one is square I'm going to go ahead and frame her myself over the weekend, as the shower is next Thursday and there's not enough time to get her professionally framed, not to mention my tight budget that I already mentioned. I'll upload a picture of her soon. Hopefully, I'll remember to take a picture this evening.

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  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger Chiloe said…

    Too bad for your sister but christmas decoration with a turkey in the oven seems good too ;-)


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