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Friday, October 26, 2007

Minor rant

Not even a rant, more of an irritation.

I get so irritated when people post a story on a message board, ask for opinions, then get ticked when they get opinions that don't agree with theirs. I guess they are looking for validation and aren't expecting people to not agree, but if that's the case ask people you know will agree with you -- BAM! you're validated.

In this case, the OP didn't do that, but someone else told us we shouldn't judge the OP. Yeesh! Since when is it considered judgemental to not agree with a person? You know, I get along with most people and try hard to word things in a way that won't hurt feelings, unless someone has been particularly nasty to me already. If I post that I would have done something differently, it doesn't mean I'm judging anyone. C'mon people! How old are we, for cryin' out loud?

If you don't want people to disagree with you, don't ask for opinions. Heck, don't post at all, as you're going to always get opinions whether or not you ask for them.



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