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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bummed about "Beowulf" the movie

I just read "Beowulf" for the first time this past summer and really liked the story. I heard a movie was coming out and thought it would be great. Then, I started seeing previews and realize it's that weird animation that looks almost real but isn't, kinda the way most video games these days look. I hate this kind of animation, it's creepy to me. I don't deny it takes a lot of skill, but it's not for me. So, I won't be seeing this movie.

I also heard that Grendel's mother has a much bigger role in the movie than in the book, that somehow she and Beowulf have some sort of history. Well, I guess if you get Angelina Jolie for a part, even animated, you have to make it into a big part.



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