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Friday, October 19, 2007

Orleans Tech had it's grand opening today!

Orleans Technical Institute is part of the organization where I work. This isn't one of my programs, but it's such a visible and large part of JEVS that our whole department was involved in the grand opening this morning and other activities over the weekend.

I am so proud to be working for such a fantastic organization. About one in three people who live in Philly are at the poverty level, and this school is there to help people learn trades so that they can end the cycle of poverty in their families. They moved into the new building at the Oscar Lasko Campus over the summer (they had been in a previous location for many years), and it's state-of-the-art and gorgeous! I still can't believe we broke ground on this building last September!

Anyway, here's the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer if you're interested.

I sometimes get frustrated and stressed at my job, but for the most part I really love it. Seeing things like this and how many people we help allows me to see that what I'm doing helps the direct care workers, counselors, instructors, etc. do their jobs.



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