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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Got some beads, new dress

I'm mostly done with that free-style stitching project I mentioned yesterday. So, I went to Michael's today to get some beads. I spent about $25 on a bunch of large bead packages containing all sorts of beads. I didn't want to waste my Mill Hill beads on something that didn't need specific colors and these will do fine. Some of them will be stitched into in a way where you can't even see the bead, so it doesn't matter. I hope to finish it this weekend.

In my previous post, I mentioned that we're going to have some Philadelphia VIPs at our luncheon Friday. So, I stopped by Catherine's on my way home from Michael's. I wasn't going to just get anything, but I wanted something dressier than just a nice skirt and blouse without wearing dressier but warmer clothes. I tried on quite a few nice outfits that fit, but there were sheath dresses with jackets on top. They looked nice, but I didn't want that many layers if I could help it. I also tried on a pretty periwinkle and white pantsuit but someone pulled the switcharoo and the pants were a different size than the top and waaaaaay too big, and I don't have time to get them altered. So, I tried on this pretty dress for the heck of it, and I loved it! Sure, it's not on sale, but I ended up getting 20% off after buying their $4 magazine, so the total was still $13 less than if I hadn't bought the magazine. Weird, huh? So, here it is:

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It's not a very big picture, but it's a black floral design, and the flowers are cream and dark pink/fuschia with green leaves. The dress has a mock wrap in the front. I find that these types of dresses look the best on me. The empire waist dresses look good on many people and they always say it's good for camouflaging a big tummy, but they just make me look pregnant and I don't need questions. :)

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