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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random vent

If I like something, it's because I like it not because everybody else likes it and I want to fit in. I know, it's not "cool" to like anything that is generic, easy to find, or popular. I'm convinced that there are many out there who instantly dislike certain things in life simply because the majority of people like them. I know this is no big news to anyone, but it's irritating yet comical at the same time. So, for the record:

1. I like Starbucks
2. I liked "Friends" for most of the years it was on TV
3. I like football
4. I like Harry Potter
5. I like Lord of the Rings, both the book and the movies
6. I'm a girl and sometimes like to wear pink, sometimes like to wear a skirt
7. I like Stephen King
8. I like "The Simpsons"
9. I like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies
10. I like for my hair to look attractive if possible (possible is debatable, but I like to try without wearing caked-on makeup or overdone hair)
11. I like "CSI"
12. I like studying the American Civil War
13. I like Metallica, pre- and post-Black Album
14. I like buying baby stuff, as long as it's not for my baby, which doesn't exist
15. I like living in America, even with all our problems and faults

There, that feels better.



  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Dianne said…

    Kewl! I think I knew most of this stuff-maybe not the football part.


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