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Friday, May 25, 2007

Finished Easter Fairy

I finished Easter Fairy last night. I think she's adorable. :) I ended up leaving her legs as they are. When I checked the model on the cover of the chart, their legs look the same and I'm bad enough with arms and legs WITH the directions, let alone trying to make them look better. Chances are I'd end up stitching very unshapely tree trunks.

I used normal seed beads instead of petite beads. I really can't stand stitching with petite beads and avoid it when I can. Usually the only needles I can find that have a small enough eye to go through the petite beads are also sharp (and sometimes long) and I end up stabbing myself. I don't want my little fairy to look like she got attacked by the Big Bad Wolf.

I'm thinking about working on Why Hoard Gold for a while, but I may end up working on Skeleton Crew either instead of it or in addition to it this weekend. I haven't worked on Skeleton Crew in a long time, but I think it's an adorable design.

So, according to my StRIP list:

When I finish Why Hoard Gold I'll start Couer de St. Valentin
When I finish Skeleton Crew I'll start Christmas Elf Fairy.

However, since Why Hoard Gold is on my 10 Project Challenge list at The Wagon and Skeleton Crw isn't, I probably should be good and finish the Dragon Dreams. We'll see how long I can stitch with the rayon before I decide to change projects so I don't get too sloppy.

I haven't taken a picture of Easter Fairy, but will get one up here this weekend. It's funny -- I tend to go a long time without any finishes and my picture on the sidebar remains the same, then I finish a bunch within a few weeks and that picture changes quite a bit.

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