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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well, I got something accomplished!

True to my word, I've spent my weekend cleaning house and stitching, and still have one more day left. Pretty much all day yesterday was spent on organizing and cleaning out my front closet. It's not much of a closet, just a coat closet, but it's all I have except for my small bedroom closets. So, I created an "extended" closet a long time ago by nailing up a curtain that matched the wall and draping it in a way that it covered the stuff coming out of the closet. I still need to do that, but it was getting waaaaaaay out of hand. So, I went to Target and bought a few large clear plastic boxes for my books and a three-drawer organizer for my Christmas stuff that doesn't fit in my ornament organizer. Then I had a good idea of what else I needed -- a smaller box each for seasonal decorations (may need to add to that, but four is good for now), the largest 4-drawer plastic organizer I could find for my kitted stitching, finishing stuff (small frames, tuck pillows and ornaments, etc.), and a few smaller boxes for other craft stuff and Tim's computer stuff. That one I got for my XS stuff is almost as tall as I am and is great! Tim also went through the stuff he had in there and we threw out a huge amount of stuff.

I probably shouldn't have done it this way, but I ate a little before I started and then really didn't eat until I was done because, knowing myself, if I sat down to relax it would have been much more difficult for me to get up and finish. So, I ended up working on it from about 9AM until 5PM, including two trips to Target. I then took another very nice hot shower, had dinner, relaxed a bit, and went to bed at 8PM, lol.

I have a lot of ideas of some other things I need to do here to help with the clutter, in addition to getting rid of stuff, but even the cheap Target organizers aren't so cheap and add up, so I'll have to just do a little at a time. My next project is going to be replacing my tables in the livingroom. They were given to us by Tim's brother's in-laws when they replaced their furniture, and are very nice, but not very useful for a small apartment. The are small columns with glass tops -- no storage, have to dust/clean daily to keep looking good (yeah, THAT happens). I'll be brining down a side table my grandfather made that has a drawer, so that will help, and I also have a drop-leaf table he made. I brought that one down on my last trip. I think I'll buy some sort of small drawer/shelf thingy and also a simple writing desk and get rid of the tables. My books are currently housed in boxes because I need to get new book shelves, tall ones, to replace the silly little ones I have at the moment -- just not enough room for all my books.

Today I've been working more on I Shall Wear Purple and will finish the text by the time I go to bed tonight. I think that I may be able to finish the rest of it tomorrow. Sorry this is so rambley, but it helps me to get these things "on paper," so to speak, so that I can think it out. I used to do that on real paper, then I'd misplace it and that was useless. This way, I know where to find it. :)

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