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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow day tomorrow?

Well, we'll see. Looks like this storm is going to be similar to the one we got a few weeks ago but we opened two hours late, didn't get a whole snow day. Lord knows I have a ton of work to do, some of which I can do here, but I'm hoping for a snow day so I can stay inside and stitch.

If I get off this darn computer today I may be able to finish the stitching for Mermaid of the Pearls. I basically have the bottom part of her fin to stitch. There are a lot of beads on this one, though. I knew that from pictures, but really notice it when I'm stitching and realize how many spaces I'm skipping that are reserved for beads. She's going to look awesome, though! I believe I actually have all the beads I need so there should be no last-minute ordering of beads and waiting around. I'll double-check today. After the beading, I can scratch her off my StRIP list, my 2007 Goals list and my 10 Project list.

I was still debating about I Shall Wear Purple last night and showed Tim, as it's for his mom. He said he thought the flowers were a little close to the text, but it looks nice and nobody will notice if I don't say anything and that he doesn't want me to do that extra work. He also said his mom probably won't be able to read the small text, anyway. So, I guess it won't really matter, and it won't bother me to see it. If it would bother me I'd HAVE to change it.

So, after I finish her I will finish Why Hoard Gold so I can start Coer de St. Valentin, and finish Liberty Sampler so I can start Celtic Noel. Liberty Sampler has a way to go, yet. After that, I probably won't have any big finishes for a while, but it would be great to have two for Finish-it February, especially after starting four for Guilt-Free January, lol.

I need to remember to use the labeling option for my posts. I love it, but often forget to label because I'm not used to using it. It sure is handy when I want to go back to my stitching goals posts that are scattered around.

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