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Friday, February 23, 2007

A few tidbits

1. This was pretty cute. The sidewalks lately have been very icy in my neighborhood. Everything was melting during the day and then refreeze overnight, leaving a very thin and very slick coating of ice over everything. So, walking to the trolley this week has been... interesting. Anyway, I walk by an elementary school on my way to the trolley, and there were two kids on their way to school. I'm assuming they are brothers, one looks about 5 or 6 and the other looks about 8 or 9. The little one was running around, and the older one caught him, grabbed his hand, and in a matter-of-fact way said, "Stop running and be careful. Nobody wants to see you fall on your ass." I thought it was hysterical.

2. OK, this isn't so funny, this is ridiculous. One of the stitching boards has a debate regarding whether or not the head honchos at Panera should make some sort of public statement because two of their store managers have been *accused* (not even tried and convicted) of animal abuse. I abhor animal abuse, and hope they get punished if they did this. However, why the heck is Panera responsible? Panera should pay for the vet bills? Wha? Can you imagine the backlash if Panera made some sort of public statement about how they are going to fire these managers and how awful they are? Good grief! Only a few people think this way, but I don't get it. They think that any employer who hires people like this should be "investigated" on principle. Investigated for what? Not hiring private detectives to follow around people they interview for a $10 an hour job? Note where they go, if they drink at all, what they drive, if they've ever had a parking ticket, if they've ever had a one-night stand, if their mother missed a class in college 50 years ago?

Aren't we living with enough Big Brother crap? This is getting insane. Luckily, most people didn't agree, but I find it scary that anyone thinks this way.

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