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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A little backwards, but got stuff done

Well, I intended to get up early, get chores done, then finish Guardian Angel. Instead I slept until I woke up at about 7:30AM. If I don't get to the grocery store by 7:30 at the latest, I don't go until late evening. So, I lounged around a bit, finished Guardian Angel, cleaned out the fridge, then went and got groceries at about 9:30PM. It's now Midnight and all is put away and I feel like I've accomplished something today.

I may or may not see "V for Vendetta" this weekend. I'll see what happens tomorrow. Tim's talking about wanting to see "Inside Man," so we may see that tomorrow. I can always get him to take me to see it next weekend for my birthday :)

I'm so thrilled to be done with Guardian Angel, and as I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to see if I can scan it at work. It's a good thing, because the Mirabilia board theme this month is fairies, and since I don't have any fairies currently in my WIPS I'm going to be FORCED to start one (snicker). I have a few kitted with chart and fabric, and ACMoore is having a sale on floss.

Not much else going on today. I stayed off the computer all day until now, so I have a little catching up again. Some Saturdays all hell breaks loose on some boards (primarily stitching). I guess people are home and have nothing else to do, but I think they'd get into a lot less trouble if they stitched once in a while and got away from their computer. I notice that sometimes I get caught up in the ridiculous dramas, so I take a week away from the boards and just check email. It helps me get away, plus realize what boards I really want to visit. I don't like getting worked up about the way I see some people treat others, but I can't stand bullies who hide behind a computer screen and figure that way they can say whatever they want with no consequences. A lot of boards on the 'net are very anonymous, and I understand that. But most that I visit are made up of people who have known each other for quite some time, so it does get a bit personal.


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