Mindy Memories

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Updated StRIP List

DT mini bellpull > Christmas Cat
Ouroborus > L&L Secret Santa
Deepest Love and Celtic Spring > Blossom Harvest
I Shall Wear Purple and Spring in the Air > Dragon Dreams Why Hoard Gold?
Sweet Dreams Santa > Joan Elliott's Autumn Angel
Liberty Sampler and Angel of the New Dawn > Scent of Old Roses
Angel of the Sea and Spring Queen > Winter Queen
TW English Garden > Just Nan's Strawberry Summer
Lady of the Flag and Angel of Love > Drawn Thread Alpine Garden
Sleeping Beauty > Sweetheart Tree's Grape Arbour Sampler
Earth Dragon > Shepherd's Bush Far Away

Looking back I really feel like I've accomplished something. This is my hobby and is meant to be enjoyable, and sometimes I just stitch on whatever I want because that's what I want. It's nice to see my finishes and progress in writing, though. Sometimes when working mostly on large projects I start feeling like I'm not getting anywhere.


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