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Friday, December 09, 2005

No snow day

Well, we were all hoping for a snow day so we could have a three-day weekend, but it didn't happen. Even my bosses were hoping, but they couldn't justify taking the whole day off for what we got. This morning on the way in I hit a little freezing rain and there was a lot of slush on the road, but by the time I got to work it was normal rain. I know a lot of busses were having problems getting up hills and such, but luckily I was able to get in OK. After that the sun came out and they let us leave a little early so that we could get home before the sun went down and all the wet roads became icy roads. The way I look at it: This is Pennsylvania. We don't get a huge amount of snow in this area of the state, but it's still the Northeast and we can't expect to not go to work because there's a little snow on the ground -- and I do mean a little, only 2-3 inches in my area.

I'm working on getting my stitching goals and StRIP list together for 2006 and will probably post it over the weekend. I'm also going to post my 2005 goals and what was actually accomplished, either with pictures or links to pictures. It's mostly so I can see what I've done over the past year. Sometimes when you work on a lot of large projects you don't feel like you're getting anywhere, so this sort of thing helps me realize I've done something, even if it's just more work on the same WIPs.


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