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Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Carrots and other musings

We've already started getting all the holiday goodies in the office. Actually, it started appearing before Thanksgiving. If it was in the kitchen I could avoid it pretty easily. The problem is that it sits in the cubicle in front of me -- right where the printer is that I use all the time. So, every time I print something it's just too easy to pick a piece of chocolate or whatever other goodies are there. I was saying today that I wish that instead of holiday sweets that there was a tradition of holiday salad, fruit or vegetable. How about some traditional Christmas Carrots?

We're getting snow tonight into tomorrow morning. We're probably going to get 6 inches tops, more than likely less in the area of Philly where I live and work. You would think they were calling for the end of the world. People at work kept asking if it had started snowing yet, etc. People, I'm the one who lived in FL before moving here LOL! Maybe it's because I lived in the Finger Lakes area of NY that I just don't see a few inches of snow as completely devastating.

I saw L&L's new design, "Evangeline." I'm sorry, but I'm just not impressed. I think she rushed through it and took bits and pieces from other designs and put them together: The apron's design doesn't account for the folds and looks like it's just stamped there, the head is just too big for the body, and the shawl/wrap just doesn't flow properly. I think if she had taken more time and finessed the design a bit she would have been beautiful. I really like the hair. I no longer buy her designs anyway, after she went off about James Farmer of the Angel Quilt Project a year or so ago. I know, many people feel that nobody is allowed to critique Marilyn, but she's human like the rest of us. If you're going to be in a creative field you have to learn to deal with criticism. Some of us deal with it on a daily basis and it's part of the job.

I do like Mirabilia's new "Forest Goddess," but if and when I stitch her I'll probably make the colors a bit darker -- darker purples and greens. I like the basic design, though. Perhaps when I do a floss toss the actual colors will be darker anyway. Her photos often make the designs look much lighter than they really are.


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