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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Been 10 days!

I feel like I had just posted here recently, then looked at the date and realized it had been 10 days. Whoops!

Not much to really say, but had to comment on some of these commercials I've been seeing lately.

1. Nokia commercials -- OK, the guy with the "Dukes of Hazaard" ringtone is kinda funny, but the woman talking about how great it is to take her ex out of her phone and the dingbat in yellow who thinks she's a cool musician need to go.

2. general jewelry commercials -- I think I have this complaint every year around Christmas and Valentine's Day, but they just irritate me. One I saw today (didn't pay attention to the company) was supposed to be all romantic, but to me the guy was pretty much saying, "I buy my wife jewelry once in a while so I can have sex." You want sex? Try doing the dishes or taking the trash out once in a while -- THAT's romantic.

3. Old Navy jeans commerical -- the one with the women arriving in jeans to walk down the red carpet and are being called "glam." Sorry -- I love my jeans but will NEVER consider jeans to be "glam," whether they cost $10 or $100.

As for stitching, I've stitched a bunch more of those little flat ornament tucks from Amy's Stitching Corner. I'll try to scan them in this week at lunch or after work. I'm really happy with the little designs I created to fit them and just ordered a bunch more for next year and after. She does great work and my seamstress skills don't exist, so it works out well. I've also worked a little on Deepest Love, but I've been in the mood to stitch things I can finish quickly.

I finally ordered the Black Crow floss I need to finish Stars of Merlin, along with some other nice hand-dyed flosses for future ornaments. I can't remember now which colors I bought, but there were a few from Needle Necessities and Weeks Dye Works, ordered from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

So, that's about all for now. I have a nice long weekend, since I took Monday off because I was going to be out of town. I figured that even though I was going to be home I could still take that day off and take advantage of an extra long weekend. So, I cleaned up the hall closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff that I wasn't able to sell or give away. I hated tossing it, but nobody wanted it and I just don't have the room for stuff I don't want or use. Then I put the Christmas tree up. I always like the tree giving a soft glow to the livingroom. The bad part is that I had to buy new lights and these lights much be a tad smaller than other mini lights I had, as Tim's Star Trek light-up ornaments don't fit into the light socket. So, I'm going to put up a cheap 3 foot tree with different lights and it will be his sci-fi tree. I didn't know there were different sizes of mini lights, but apparently so.


  • At 12:56 AM, Blogger Christine said…

    I have a serious hatred of those jewelry ads. I heard one on the radio the other day where the guy was saying to his buddy something like "Holly deserves something nice...and besides, last year, I had to sleep on the couch until after New Year's."

    When a woman expects a man to buy her expensive jewelry for every holiday, and men fall for this just to get sex, and not have to sleep on the couch, there is something seriously wrong with the relationship.

    My engagement diamond is 1/4 carat...small, but best quality. Mike wanted me to help pick it out, so I did. Yet I have had to hear some dumb cows tell me that my husband doesn't love me enough, or is a cheapskate, because I don't sport a gigantic rock on my finger.

    It is sad how people have become sheeple, who care too much about what strangers think of them.

  • At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What about those commercials where the husband or wife surprises their spouse with a new car for Christmas? I haven't met anyone in my entire life that could afford to buy a car without discussing it with their spouse before hand.


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