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Friday, March 04, 2005

Hi there, been a while

It's been some time since I came here. Lots going on, just haven't been in the mood to blog I guess.

Bad news first: My car was in the shop from Monday morning until this morning. It had a bad oil leak and they had to take half the car apart to get to the part of the engine to fix it. Also got my inspection done. So, in the end it cost me $1068. Yikes! Luckily, they let me put half down and pay the rest over the next two months. Between this and some other things going on I think I'm going to get a second job for a while. It sucks -- been there before -- but it WILL be temporary until I get caught up.

Good news: I'm almost done with Rose Arbour. I'm done with the actual arbour and only need to finish up the bottom part of the dress, then do the small amount of backstitching and add the beads. I'll scan her in next week when I'm finished. I'm so thrilled! She'll eventually be framed in the same manner as Rose Arbour and hang next to her on the wall. I'll actually have a set finished!

Things are going well at work. I'm hearing good things about my work and the General Agent really likes what I'm doing and that I'm taking the initiative to start contests and such. I'm bringing in a marketing person from the home office next week and set up a time for her at the firm meeting as well as small group meetings with people during the two days she's here. I plan on talking to the boss in a month or two about getting a raise, and what I can do to earn that raise (although frankly I should already be making more than I am for what I'm doing). If I can get back up to where I was before the layoff, or better, that second job will be very temporary. I hate the idea of working two jobs again, but I won't allow it to last long. I'll be done with car payments in 6 months, and that will free up a decent amount of money. I need to start an emergency savings fund and a car fund so when the time comes I have some money as well as an old car for a down payment. That won't be for a while.

Tim started his job this week. He's not thrilled with it and is still looking, but at least it got him out of the hell hole he was in. He's not making any more money here after the wage tax is taken out, but the people are better.


  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    Ouch...that's quite the repair bill. I hope you don't have a problem finding a second job for a while. Better still, I hope you get a good raise at your current job and won't need the second one...good luck!!

    I hope Tim's job gets better after he's been there a while. New jobs are often a bit difficult in the beginning.


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