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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Addicted to browsing hand-dyeds

I've only recently become interested in using hand-dyed fabrics for my stitching. I've been looking at them for a long time and debating but I've finally been bit by the bug. I have been using the fabric selector tool a lovely lady at the Mirabilia board made and it's really cool! It's not perfect as the colors on the charts and on the fabric on the Internet don't exactly match what you get in real life, but you can get a good idea of what fabric will work for various designs.

This has really made me want to start my Moon Spirit Fairy from Passione Ricamo. I have the chart but not the fabric and am holding off starting it until next year. However, I found some gorgeous dark fabric for her -- Phantom from Picture This Plus. It's a very dark blue/black and the moon and her dress look fantastic against it, at least on the fabric selector.

I will be starting Waiting for Ships after I finish Sweet Dreams Santa, and have decided to go with Romance from Silkweaver. It's a nice mix of light blue and purple that really seems to bring out the colors in her tail without competing with them. I'm not a fan of fabric or framing competing with the design and tend to go with simple framing and fabrics. Even though I'm starting to use more hand-dyeds, I don't like the ones that have a lot of contrast going on. I mean, they're beautiful but for me they're too busy for designs that are already busy with lots of sparkles. I think some of those work better for the simpler-looking designs.

I have also decided that when I start Fairy Idyll (whenever that will be) I'll use Tutti Fruiti from Silkweaver. I hope that it's as light as it shows on my monitor because it looked really nice that way. If it's too dark it will not work as well, but when the time comes I'll take the risk.

I haven't decided what to use for Santa's Magic yet, but am working on it. Funny, that will probably be my next start and here I am still deciding. Figures :)

As for health news, I haven't been to the pool for about a week but have been doing other things. Yesterday I walked down nine flights of stairs from my office to my car because the elevator had been acting up earlier and I didn't like it. I figure I can do that whenever I leave. I'm not up to walking UP nine flights yet, but maybe a few in the morning then taking the elevator the rest of the way up.

I did go to the pool this morning because I knew I had a meeting a 2pm and couldn't swim at lunch. Bad move! I couldn't even get a lane and then even had to wait for a shower LOL! So, 7:30 in the morning won't work and from now on if I go in the morning I'll get there around 6:30. I can always get to work early and futz around on the computer for a while. I'd love to leave early but I'm stuck on the switchboard from 4-5 so that's not going to happen.

I weighed myself this morning and it said 215, 1.5 pounds HIGHER than last week! GRRR! On the other hand, the pants I'm wearing are ridiculously baggy. So, I think I'm doing OK. I really need to stop weighing myself every week. I thought it would help, but I think I was wrong. Instead I will start measuring myself on a monthly basis. I think that will give a better indicator as how I'm doing. I knew this before but didn't admit it because while trying to do Weight Watchers so much depends on your actual weight. So, I'll continue to use the system on my own but not weigh myself. I think I'll feel better about things that way.


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