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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Haven't been here in a while. I've been reading back through my hand-written journal, where I put stuff I don't want broadcast over the Interet as well as some stuff I put here, and realize I've set a lot of goals for myself recently and really haven't made any progress on any of them. So, I've been thinking about ways to make some progress. These goals have to do with my career, finances, health and home -- yeah, like what's left? LOL!

Tim is starting a new job in less than two weeks, thank God! It's more pay but is in the city so will even out after the wage tax. I think there's potential there though, and it certainly gets him out of the crazy place where he works now. He'll be working 6-2:30, so will probably be leaving 45 minutes to an hour before then. That means if I get up about the time he's leaving I'll have about 2 hours in the morning to do some things around here. Since I became full time this place has gone to Hell in a handbasket because I no longer had as much time at home with Tim not here. It's just impossible for me to clean with him here. Laundry is one thing, but the other stuff is just more difficult when he's here. So, maybe this way I can spend that time working on my home. It's going to feel weird to do that in the morning, as that's not what I'm used to, but I'll get used to it.

I also made a slightly new schedule at work where I'll be going to the gym at lunch on M, W, and F. I will take a 90-minute lunch to make sure I give myself enough time and will stay 30 minutes late. I'll eat my lunch at my desk while I work, no biggie there. My boss said we'll see how it goes and I'm optimistic. I also talked with her on the fly yesterday about my job duties. There are so many things I could do but I'm really not a full-time marketing person. I'm a full-time employee who does marketing, if that makes sense. So, I'm going to track exactly what I'm doing and how long it takes and so is she, and we're going to see what needs to be changed. There are some things she does that may make more sense for me to do, and I have no time to actuall do "marketing" other than creating the flyers, booklets, etc. I don't have the time to come up with many contests or campaigns, nor be proactive with all the fantastic tools given to us from the Lead Generation Center. I think ultimately we need to have a Marketing Director (me, I would hope) and hire another person at least part-time to do some of the extra stuff she and I do, as well as help another woman there who is completely swamped. In 2004 the firm grew quite a bit and we are growing pretty well right now, so I can see something needing to be done soon.

So, that will help some of my goals, I think.

As for the awards banquet, it was very nice but it was Hell for me to get there. Long story short, a 30-minute trip took me 2 hours because I couldn't get around City Hall! Those of you who have been to Philly know what I mean. It's hard for me to get in the correct lane and I keep getting forced out on every street but that one I wanted (Broad) and then I'm on one-way streets going the wrong way. I get turned around and BAM! back at City Hall again! I finally got there but was late and didn't have time to have another run-through with Harris. I normally don't allow myself to show how flustered I am, but I must have been all red in the face and I was shaking, simply because I HATE having people rely on me and letting them down like that. He and his wife were very nice and he gave me a little shoulder hug and said it was fine, that I was there now and that I should go change and get a drink LOL! I have to admit, after a quickly downed large screwdriver, I was feeling better. The presentations and everything were great so there were no problems, and everybody liked all the programs and such I made, so in the end everything was fine. It was just frustrating.

Then, because it was two days before Valetines Day, Harris gave all the ladies in the room a red rose. When I got in the car I proceeded to shut the poor rose in the car door, right on the flower, so when I opened it back up the rose petals went everywhere and I was left with the stem. Oh well, the thought was very nice :)


  • At 6:03 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    We rarely drive into Philly.
    The last time I was downtown was to visit my mom in the hospital almost 2 summers ago. Sean and I took the train, much better.
    We have a similar story that we were going in the wrong direction in front of the Franklin Institute yrs ago. I would have liked to see the extended Titanic exhibit, but of course we didn't get the nerve to drive in town.

  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    Getting to your event sounds like a nightmare...I think I'd have given up and driven home in tears.

    Congrats to Tim on the new job, that's wonderful news. I remember you saying that he wasn't happy at his old job...I hope this one is a lot better...it will be easier on everyone's nerves!


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