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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Day After

Well, the Super Bowl is over and we lost, but we played a great game. We still could have won it in the last few minutes, but we didn't. I don't feel bad about them losing by 3 points, especially when so many were acting like it was going to be a blow-out or the spread was going to be at least 7 points. I hope people back here don't get on them too bad. Eagles fans are very passionate, which is great when they are doing well but not so good when the fans are disappointed. They will turn on a star player in a second. I remember the first game McNabb played and he was boo'd! So sad. I hope I don't start hearing how we should trade him, because that would be a huge mistake. He was hyped up and was a little off his game, but who wouldn't be in their first Super Bowl? I think next year when they make it again :) he'll be able to do better since he's been there before.

So, we are having our company awards banquet this Saturday at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, the oldest art museum in the country. It is a semi-formal affair, with black tie optional. The staff doesn't get paid enough to buy fance $100+ dresses to wear to these things like the agents do, but I found something dressier than usual at Burlington Coat Factory this evening. It's a black flouncy skirt with a fairy hem and a raised floral design in crushed velvet. It stops right at the knee, so it's not too long. This is a good look for me, as long skirts show off my shortness and make me look like a box. Cost -- $9.99. I also bought a pretty wideneck red sweater with a little tie off to one side. It's simple but pretty and only cost me $16.99. So, for less than $40 I have an outfit to wear to this thing -- works for me! I wasn't going to go at first, then last week I realized that I don't have a choice LOL! I'm one of the two people putting everything together and I need to be there to run the presentations and help set everything up. Tim isn't going because it's not his thing, but that's fine. Many of the spouses of the staff don't go because it's mostly for the agents. There are one or two staff awards, but I don't qualify for them this year because I wasn't there the whole year. It will be a change to have a nice catered meal like this, though. I hate that I have to drive into Philly, but at least I won't have to pay for parking because Harris has reserved a lot for us. So, I think it will be a fun evening. Let's just hope I can get through the evening without spilling food all over my front :)

Only got in a few hours of stitching this weekend -- 4 hours on Angel of Love. The Mirabilia SAL was this weekend and I didn't get to either of my pieces for it. It was nice to make a little progess on Angel of Love, though. I've been working on her on and off for years, and will be thrilled when she's done. I have much more behind me than in front of me, so that's a good sign. Saturday I slept a lot and Sunday I was online and then watching the game. After the game I wasn't in the mood to stitch and went to bed. Since I was able to find something for the weekend tonight, I'll have more stitching time this week than I thought I might.

While I was shopping I became inspired to restart my weight loss program. I'd fallen off around Christmas and never got back on and have gained back much of the 6 pounds I'd lost. While shopping I saw some beautiful outfits that would have fit if I was even just 20 pounds lighter, and realized that this is ridiculous! There's really no reason for me not to get healthier than I am now. I just gotta do it! I'm no longer going to the meetings but I still have the info and access to various online communities and blogs, so I think those will help.

Total drift here, but there's a commercial on at the moment for a CD of Anne Murray's music. I love her voice. She has such a nice and calming voice. She doesn't go around seeing how high she can sing/scream, she's not breathy, she's just... real. I guess I do like her music but I only would listen to so much of it at a time. That particular CD has her covering some of her favorites from others and they sound nice.


  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Teri said…


    Congrats on trying Weight Watchers again. I stumbled upon your blog after searching on people interested in Weight Watchers. I have been following the plan for about 4 weeks now and have lost 15 pounds. I have lost 10% of my total weight, which at a former 150 pounds is a lot. I am participating in a diet contest in my home town with a team-mate. The team who loses the highest percentage of body weight in 8 weeks wins $10K, so we have incentive. Visit my blog and follow our progress! Take Care and Happy Dieting (if there is such a thing). Teri

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Bummer about the Eagles. I felt the most sorry for Sean who would have been 'soaring' with pride.
    I love the winter sales, esp Kohls, Strawbridges and Boscovs. Your party outfit sounds pretty. Couldn't you find some ladies to drive down with? I hope it's a great evening for you.
    As for 'dieting'-it's so hard this time of year since you can't get outside. I like ediet.com. Join for 3 months, print out all the diet plans and recipes and then you have a nice reference for $36. I was suppose to weigh in there yesterday but I haven't lost any weight though I've mostly been careful, even with bread and margarine eating. I think Curves is looking good. Exercise is a big thing.

  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    Wow, you lucked out to find such a great outfit for the party...hope you have a great time!


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