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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Screwy schedule

For some reason I've been on an odd schedule lately. I've been tired a lot so going to bed earlier than usual, and now I'm waking up much earlier. Last night I was in bed at 9:00 and asleep around 10:00 but up at 4:00. I'm really a night owl so this is just strange. I need to make a dr. appointment to get my iron level tested, I think. I haven't bounced back from that cold as well as I should have and I've had iron problems in the past and just felt drained all the time. I meant to get in some stitch time last weekend and stitched one hour. The rest of the time I hung around and watched TV, except when I went to the movies Saturday. I'm not normally the type to just hang around in front of the boob tube doing absolutely nothing. Usually I have to be busy doing something while watching TV. I hate getting my blood drawn but I guess I should bite the bullet.

Tim is so funny. I bought some Yankee Candle stuff from one of the guys at work who was selling them for a fundraiser for his daughter's school for the mentally challenged. One of the items is a little black metal kitty who has his paw on a round tea light holder that has a fish etched into it so it looks like a fishbowl. Tim has taken it to the bedroom and puts a Macintosh tea light in it every night while he's on the computer. I guess I need to get him some more tealights, because he just loves that cat :)

Got some good deals at Lord & Taylor yesterday. I'm trying to dress more "business" than "casual" at work so that I get noticed a little more by the boss. Everybody loves my work but I know that in the financial industry you also have to look the part, which is something I'm completely not used to. So, I've invested in a few mock turtlenecks and fake suede jackets that aren't stuffy. Got those at Kohl's for 70% off, mostly. Yesterday I used some of my Lord & Taylor gift card to buy two sweaters. One is a wine color loose turtleneck sweater, originally $66 but on sale for $15! The other is a black high neck cardigan that zips up, originally $75, on sale for about $35. So, I still have $20+ left on the gift card. This is good quality stuff so it will last me some time, too. Now if only I could have such luck when looking for spring and summer clothes. I look so much better in fall and winter when I can find more dark colors and cover myself up a bit. It's harder for me to find spring and summer clothes that I like, but we'll see what happens. It doesn't make a huge difference for work, since the a/c is on pretty cold in the summer so I have to bring a jacket or sweater with me anyway.


  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said…

    Glad you were able to get such a great bargain on the clothes. Hope they have the intended effect. We know too well about looking the part to get the job. Just ask my husband whose long hair of many, many years is now living as a ponytail in a plastic bag.

    And that tea light does sound pretty darn cute. ;)

  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Mindy, sounds like the wintertime blues or SAD to me. If you have an appetite, etc. I can see where the weather may be effecting your health. I'm not feeling chipper at all. The scale is climbing and I am not really doing anything to push it up. My metabolism must be sluggish. I hate scales.
    Anyway, try drinking some grape juice and eating spinach salads. Sit under a bright light! We got a new dining room over the table fixture and the lights shine down on us-I swear it makes you feel better. Do some floor exercises too.
    I love the winter sales and wanted to go to Kohls so badly on Sunday, but the guys wouldn't stop. I did well there and Boscovs last year.
    Hope you feel better.

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    Congrats on the new clothes and the great bargains! They sound really nice. I prefer winter clothes too.


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