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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Update on the apartment

Well, I came home from work and everything is still working and not flooding, so that's a good sign. The reason I get so mad about these things is the ATTITUDE I get from the manager. The maintenance guy is extremely helpful. The manager is relatively helpful, but I get this attitude that it's just something I have to deal with. The bathroom thing has never happened before and I know these things happen. However, my sink has overflowed into my kitchen and hall carpet (it goes through the wall) three times since Labor Day Weekend. When this happens I get raw sewage and old food coming up into my home. That's just since September. I lost count how many times this happened during the whole of 2004. When I ask if they can actually fix the problem because it keeps happening, I'm told I need to keep an ear out for the gurgling sound and plunge it. I wouldn't mind that so much but nine times out of ten this happens while I'm sleeping or at work.

So, now I also have duct tape holding the overflow thingie and the stopper lever to the tub. A rusted piece from inside broke while the tub was being snaked. I don't blame anybody for that because it was only a matter of time and the thing had to be snaked. However, I fear I will have a duct taped tub fur the duration of my stay here because they'll actually have to go in to the tub and fix it.

If I had the money, I'd move. I'm on a month-to-month lease so that's not a problem. The problem is I was out of work for a year and don't have enough saved for a down payment, let alone for the amount the rent would go up, as I've been here about 7 years now.

I'm sorry for the bitching, but it's just so frustrating. I mean, I pay rent. I don't want to own my own home because I don't want to have to pay to fix these things and worry about them. I thought my rent is supposed to pay for such things to be fixed, but I must be mistaken.


  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    It certainly seems that you are losing all the benefits of renting...I know when I had an apartment, everything was so easy, a phone call and the problem was fixed right away (and believe me, this was *not* a great apartment). Now, when I have a problem with my house, either DH or I have to take time off work to stay home and get the thing fixed...plus we have to pay for it.


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