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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday night

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm about ready for bed. Figured I'd update my little blog before I go to sleep.

I didn't do much of anything yesterday as I was kinda "blah" all day. I was planning on having a stitching marathon this weekend, but only got in time today. I still got a lot done so that's OK.

I babysat Kylie last night while her parents went out to dinner. Kyle turned one right before Thanksgiving so she has "graduated" to the section for young toddlers at her daycare. Dana says she's much happier and I could tell. It was funny though -- she and I were hanging out watching A Bug's Life, Kylie sitting on my lap. We were "talking" and I mentioned how good she had been for me that evening. Well, it was like she took it as a cue to go nuts LOL! The second after I said that she looked at me and started crying. I gave her the milk bottle and that seemed to be what she wanted, it was just very weird timing and I found it pretty funny. She's quite the drama queen, and we're not sure if all girls are like that or if it's just her. Sean wasn't quite so dramatic when he was a baby, apparently.

Today I worked finished the five hour rotation on Sleeping Beauty, then five hours on Rose Arbour, then two hours on Christmas Flourishes. I plan on doing some more tomorrow on Christmas Flourishes and that will be the end of my Mirabilia SAL weekend and I'll post the pictures. Most of it was backstitching and filling in a few areas I'd missed here and there in Christmas Flourishes, and more of the arbour in Rose Arbour. I do better if I stitch a little of that at a time rather than leaving it for the end. It also gives me a break from all the white in her dress. It's a beautiful design, but lots of white!

I see so many beautiful samplers done in one color and I love them but don't have the patience to actually stitch them. I bought a little one while at CATS in Hershey, but I don't know about those big ones. I suppose if I stitched an hour a day on it and went on to other projects I could finish one eventually. My online friend with whom I stayed in Hershey has designed a few of her own and they are beautiful! She sits at her table with graph paper and designs them. They are big and very pretty alphabet samplers. I tend to like stitching designs with lots of colors so that I have a plethora of areas to work on without getting too bored with one color. That being said, the Teresa Wentzler designs are beautiful but go too much the other way for me and I can't spend a lot of time working on one of those before I go nuts, either. I guess that's why I'm such a fan of Mirabilia, L&L and Just Nans. They are gorgeous and colorful but often have color blocks and not a lot of blends so I'm not stopping every few seconds. I know a lot of people don't like Just Nans because of the specialty stitches, but I kinda like the specialty stitches. Her diagrams are great so it's easy to figure out how to make them. I'm not into Hardanger. I've heard it's easy and plan on taking a class someday, but I'm very scared to start cutting threads. I know myself and that I'm a frogger LOL!

So, I'll get some more pictures up tomorrow and Tuesday. I also want to thank those of you who comment on my stitching. I really appreciate the comments. It's always nice to know that other stitchers think your stitching is nice. I know I'm very critical of my work, and I'm sure others are the same way. Thanks!


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