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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So close, yet so far...

Well, if I had about an 18-inch length (or less) of Kreinik 102 #4 braid I could finish Christmas Jewel before Christmas. See in the picture below how I have two pieces outlined with a red box? All I need is enough to outline those two little pink and green squares. Ack! I thought the 002 might work as it is very close, but when I started stitching with it I could tell the difference so I took it out. So, I'll order some and it will be done in a few weeks. All I have left after that is the beading and that won't take me too long. Unbelieveable!

I also updated the right sidebar with my latest finish, the MLI 2002 freebie. It's not nearly as impressive as the Deco Spirits but I'm happy with the way she came out. I'll probably give her away as a Christmas present this year or next, not sure.


  • At 8:15 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    That's so annoying when you run out with such a small amount to stitch left! I have to order most things too which is a pain.


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