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Monday, December 20, 2004

The saga of the lost wallet

Oy! Tim goes to work very early on Monday and is up well before I have to be. About 5AM he says he has to turn on the lights because he can't find his wallet. He had it on Friday then didn't go out this weekend and now can't find it. So, he's looking here and there and of course is in a hurry because he has to go to work and is upset about the whole thing. So I helped but couldn't find it either. He went to work and stewed about it all day. I got home and decided I'd find the stupid thing and slowly looked here and there. Finally, I looked in his hamper and there it was, hidden amongst his dark socks. It blended right in with them, which is why he didn't see it this morning. So, I called him at his mom's and told him, "You owe me," and he knew I'd found it. He's had a headache all day about it and was going to call PennDot tomorrow to replace his driver's license, which he needs not only for driving but for ID for the plane trip to FL on Friday. So in the end it all worked out because I can look for things without going bonkers. Yeah, he DOES owe me LOL!

Things were nuts at work but I really couldn't do much to help. Tomorrow is closing, which means everything had to get done today to get to the Home Office tomorrow. Of course, everybody is coming in wanting changes on all sorts of policies, driving people crazy. There's really not much I can do to help except enter new applications and send memos with secondary requirements. The negotiating and checking I don't do because I have no clue :) I'm hoping I won't have to get a clue and that they'll make me full time Marketing Director in 2005.

I got a few more Christmas gifts today. I really work with some nice people. Donna gave me a little Santa candy dish, Wanda gave me a cool Kincade card that's also an ornament, and Nancy gave me a pretty little frame that is perfect for Kylie's picture. Then a few agents gave me things, which really made me feel appreciated because they don't give to everybody. I got a $50 Lord & Taylor gift card from some of the management team and a pretty crystal glass with a Mary Kay mini manicure set in it. The woman who gave it to me figured the glass was nice and big so I don't have to keep getting up every two seconds to get more water from the water cooler. She's a very young agent and just getting started so she's not real high in the numbers yet, so I thought that was a very generous gift.


  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Men can never find anything! Brian has misplaced his wallet more than once himself. Now he either leaves it in his dress pants or puts it in a special spot in the armoire. He couldn't find the flashlight last night. I said, 'look next to the white cabinet'. He still couldn't find it. I got up, moved a duster thingie and there it was! It's one of those 18" or longer silver ones and he couldn't find it? Geez.
    Great about your weight loss too. Good job.


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