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Monday, December 20, 2004

It's butt cold outside!

It's a whopping 9 degrees outisde right now, with a windchill of about -7. The only reason I'm actually out of bed right now (much earlier than usual) is because Tim couldn't find his wallet this morning and I had to get up to help him. We still didn't find it. I'm sure it's around here somewhere, or in his car. It's actually a good thing I was woken up because otherwise I probably would have stayed curled up under the blankets much longer than I should, instead of getting my butt in gear so I can get out to the car earlier than usual. Who knows what the traffic is going to be like. City Avenue is a main road so I'm sure it's been salted, but people get weird around here. We only had a dusting of snow, but that was after some rain so there's likely to be patches of ice here and there.

I put in five hours on Guardian Angel last night. I noticed that the I think I mixed up some of the pink colors last time I stitched so I will have to go back and take some of that out. I was disgusted by this discovery last night so instead of ten hours I only worked five. I also put in a little time on Dragon of the Winter Moon. I should have finished him months ago but I've been avoiding the rest of the rayon stitching. I love the sheen of the rayon floss but don't care much for stitching with it, but that's all I have left to finish except for the backstitching and beadwork. He's a pretty dragon and I want to finish him so he can be framed along with his brother, Dragon of the Summer Sky, who is already finished. They are both Tim's.

Man, I keep talking about all this framing I need to finish, but I don't know where the framing money is coming from. I think some of these will be made into wall hangings. I need to see what kind of fabric I can get for a few of my finished projects and send them to Amy to finish for me.

Today at work is going to be interesting, not so much for me but my coworkers. Tomorrow is End of Year as well as the end of Quota Buster, which means everything needs to be at Home Office tomorrow, not in OUR office tomorrow. So people will be getting all sorts of stuff in at the last minute today. I don't do much of the New Business stuff except to help out a little here and there with applications, memos and copying. Donna and Wanda get the brunt of this and I hope they are able to go home at decent hours today. I think Wednesday will be a lot better for everybody, and that is the day Harris is taking us out for a nice 2-hour lunch.

We got our bonuses on Friday, and that was helpful. I haven't been there but a few months, but I did get a small Christmas bonus plus a bonus for meeting our December quota and a bonus for meeting the Quota Buster quota. It was a pretty nice bonus for only being there since June, and most of that time being part-time -- especially since the last Christmas I worked my boss "forgot" about the bonuses and decided that it was too late when he rememebered a few days before. Yeah, like we couldn't have used them AFTER Christmas. As usual, it was his way of avoiding dealing with a potential problem. We were having money problems, so we understood, but he had to bullshit about it instead of coming right out and saying, "I know we all got bonuses last year but because we're having financial problems we can't do it this year. I'm sorry about that, but I'll pay for lunch today." I mean, we are adults, and we would have understood. Of course, it didn't help that the mailman (who is a very nice man and deserved it) got $20 and we didn't even get a card.

I'm trying to watch the news but half the news is about the weather. Come on! How many times can you say the same thing over, and over, and over. This is why I don't watch the morning news anymore (and rarely the evening news) and get my news from other sources. I can't stand the fuss they make over the weather. Yes, it's very cold and there's a dusting of snow -- it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. They've opened places up for the homeless because it's very dangerous for them, that's good. People who work outside in this kind of weather KNOW how to dress for it, so why do they think they have to keep stressing that? My dad worked outside in this weather every winter when we had the farm, and he knew he had to bundle up in layers and such. God help us when we actually get a storm with 2 or more inches of snow. Then it's the end of the world LOL! I mean, this is the Northeast, people. Some native Philadelphians freak out more over snow than me, and I came here after living in FL for ten years. Of course before then I lived my life in Upstate NY, which gets loads more snow than here, but I never drove it in. People just get really silly.


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