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Friday, December 10, 2004

More about God's Will

In response to what I wrote earlier about God's Will I received some great comments. I just reponsed to one of them but thought I should make a separate post so that it's easier to see, not that it's overly deep or anything :)

I said:

"Interesting that you brought up free will. I'm more of a free will person than a God's will person, I think. I believe that God put things in motion but is allowing us to make up our own minds about what we do. I'm not into predestination at all. However, I know there are times that he intervenes. I've known people who have had miraculous and unexplainable recoveries from horrible illnesses, things doctors couldn't explain. Every single one of these people prayed about their illnesses. My grandmother is a devout Christian Scientist, although she didn't force it on her children and they went to doctors, etc. Many people at her church believe her to be a healer and that when she prays for them it really does help them. I'm not into Christian Science myself, but I think there's something to the mind over matter aspect of it. She's 91 and lives alone and has no heart or other problems, never had cancer or a stroke or a broken bone, etc.

So, I guess I still don't know exactly what I believe LOL! "


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